At CascadeMD, our vision is Clinical Documentation Reimagined. Using our mobile and web apps, a healthcare provider can dictate the entire resident visit on their device of choice including tablets and mobile phones. Our state of the art natural language voice to text and AI inferencing engine will capture relevant data and populate the PointClickCare Resident record with little or no manual data entry required. Experience an increase in revenues by reducing time spent on transcription and data entry.

Features and Benefits

Dictate with your own device

Using the CascadeMD mobile app, you can dictate into your own phone. Select the resident and the note type then dictate the results of the examination or consultation. This dictation will be converted to text where it can be edited or modified before updating PointClickCare

AI driven inferencing

After dictating, the voice will converted to text. This text can be manually edited or changed and our AI driven inferencing engine will extract relevant data like vitals/

Easy to use editor

After being converted to text, CascadeMD's easy to use text editor can be used to make changes or additions. You can listen to the voice recording as a reference while editing the text. Also, if you want, you can have your own transcriptionists review and edit this text prior to review

Customizable Workflow

If you already have a trusted relationship with an external transcriptionist, they can still participate in the transcription workflow. Or you can have your own internal transcription team review and update the text prior to updating PointClickCare. Even if you're a team of one, you can modify and review your own dictation files prior to updating PointClickCare


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