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DrOwl is a family engagement app designed to empower patients and their families to stay informed of current conditions and medications. DrOwl is integrated with PointClickCare and using the system is as simple as enabling it from the facility's side. There is no additional staff training, no new equipment required and families can access the information by downloading the app after gaining permission. Any PointClickCare facility can view all of their patients portals on one device making it easy to communicate with family members and other caregivers. The app also includes a personalized search portal based on conditions and medications. Staff efficiencies are increased by not having to constantly answer treatment questions. We'd love to show you how it works!

Features and Benefits

Empower families to participate in important care decisions

DrOwl has created a system where family members can download our free app and view their loved one's current conditions and medications. Our connection with PointClickCare allows this to happen in almost real time. Included with the app is a personalized health portal which provides information from physician curated sources, helping family members understand their loved one's care as well.

Meets Cures Act Requirements

On April 5, 2021 the Cures Act officially went into effect. The law requires that medical records are provides upon demand by patient's or their authorized caregivers. DrOwl's seamless integration with PointClickCare allows for instantaneous transmission of health records and is updated every time a change is made. Additionally, the system allows for facilities and families to keep in closer contact to help ensure streamlined care delivery.

Reduce Staff Burden

DrOwl helps reduce staff burden by constantly providing updates and details about treatments to family members and other caregivers. PointClickCare homes can view all of their patient's medical records on one device and have instant visibility into their full population. DrOwl was created to empower patients, their caregivers and family members to have the ability to view information they are entitled to without additional staff effort.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Directly integrates with PointClickCare systems.


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