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Rakhi is a mobile app that enhances communication between resident families and the care setting. The facility receives a subscription to use the mobile app. They in turn give the app to the families or loved ones of their residents. Once the app is downloaded by the family they will be able to see real time information pulled directly from PointClickCare. The shared info can be designed by each individual care setting to meet their specific needs. Examples of what can be shared are but not limited to vitals, intakes and outputs, blood sugar etc. Rakhi also allows for mass messaging and direct communication between the family and facility through the app.

Features and Benefits

Real Time Clinical Information

This feature allows the user to see real time clinical information about their loved one. The user will see vital information and other clinical data. This feature can be tailored specifically to what the facility wants to share. For example facility "A" might choose to show just vital information along with meal percentages and Facility "B" might want to share that information along with outputs and nurses notes. This information is pulled directly from PointClickCare in real time. The fact that the families or loved one's of residents can access their clinical information whenever they want is a game changer for family communication.

Instant Messaging Between Care Settings and Families

The mobile application allows for instant messaging between the families and residents. It works just like a text allowing for two way communication. This feature is a great way to head off any complaints before they become an issue or a survey problem.

Mass Messaging

This feature allows the facility to send out a mass message to families and loved ones. These messages would show up as a notification on the family's phone. This feature can be used for important emergency messages or simply to share what the monthly activities are in the facility.

About the Facility

This feature allows the facility to share information about itself. It is a simple one page on the mobile application but this can be tailored to the specific information that the facility wants to share. For example a location could put their address, bed size, phone number or other similar info on this page.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Resident clinical information from PointClickCare is shared via the app in real time

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