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Arborian Consulting works with health care providers and LTPAC facilities to design, develop, deploy, and maintain custom software and web applications. Our experience with integrated solutions lends itself particularly well to other PointClickCare partners, improving how they connect with their clients in an age of rapid technological innovation. In one recent engagement, our client used the software we designed to improve communication between healthcare staff, patients, and caregivers, leading to improved quality of care and reduced rates of hospital readmission. Arborian combines deep technical expertise, an understanding of the unique needs of the LTPAC industry, and our internal health information software platform to deliver integrated solutions rapidly and reliably.

Features and Benefits

PointClickCare Integration Services

Arborian integrates your applications with the PointClickCare platform. Our experience with the Amplify platform helps you to identify the relevant information to be integrated, and to navigate PointClickCare's validation process to get your application into production quickly and reliably.

Cloud and Mobile Web Services

Whether you have an existing application that needs integration or an idea for an innovative application, Arborian can help you bring it to the PointClickCare Marketplace. We provide full lifecycle support, from design and development to deployment to maintenance and support, with a focus on cloud-based AWS responsive web applications.

Multi-EHR Integration Services

Arborian's expertise extends beyond the PointClickCare API platform. With our experience integrating with FHIR-based EHRs such as EPIC, Cerner, and Allscripts, as well as custom non-FHIR APIs, we build multi-platform solutions to help your applications get the right information to the right people at the right time.

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