Hypercare is a healthcare technology company providing solutions for improved communication and care coordination to help your staff deliver better resident outcomes. Our easy-to-use smartphone app allows team members to send instant messages including images and documents in a HIPAA and PHIPA compliant manner -- think WhatsApp or iMessage but in a secure platform. Hypercare also provides a powerful scheduling and virtual switchboard solution which helps staff quickly connect with their team members as well as clinical specialists without the need for outdated and manual processes, or games of phone tag.

Features and Benefits

Secure Messaging

HIPAA compliant messaging that is easy to use. - Available on iOS, Android, and a web based version - Status indicators allow you to set your status as available, busy, or unavailable. Users can also set a delegate to cover messages. - Multimedia messages and attachments. Send clinical videos, images and other document file types. - Templated messages. Standardized messages with predefined inputs and a distinct look - Urgent notifications. Messages flagged as priority will bypass your phone's Do Not Disturb with a distinctive tone.

On call Scheduling

Create and manage on call schedules in a centralized source of truth to reduce error and time wasted. - Changes show in real-time across all platforms (iOS, Android, desktop/web). - Ensure coverage by setting rules to identify gaps and conflicts in the schedule - Schedule marketplace where users can arrange for swaps and trades, or post shifts to the marketplace

Virtual Call Center

Easily find and communicate with team members based on the Hypercare on call schedule - Single access point for all team members on the Hypercare platform - Reach the right team member with one tap from your smart phone device - No more waiting. Skip having to find someone's email or phone number, calling the operator or front desk, being on hold, or playing games of phone tag.

Care Coordination

Communicate with other healthcare organizations outside of the walls of your facility on the Hypercare platform.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Hypercare's Single Sign-On integration with PointClickCare allows for users to access the Hypercare solution with their existing PointClickCare username and password (one less login to remember!).


Hypercare Intro Video

Hypercare Intro Video

Contact us to learn more about how Hypercare has been helping senior living facilities across North America to improve communication and care coordination.

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