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Our Safe@Home solution is an innovative health and wellness telehealth platform that provides remote care to older adults with chronic conditions who desire to live at home. The use of wearables, sensors and technology enables remote patient monitoring in real-time to communicate vital data to a patient's caregivers and family. Our platform raises alerts when required and the data is continuously collected and available for analysis by the doctors. Safe@Home allows older adults to live at home longer.

Features and Benefits

Smart Alerts and Health Dashboard

Our mobile app tracks all of the important vitals and keeps a detailed history for the user to share with their caregiver, physician, and more! Caregivers and other healthcare providers are able to view all their loved ones’ or patients’ profiles, ensuring safety and healthiness through various views & real-time dashboards allowing users to configure smart alerts & triggers remotely with our mobile & web apps.

Device Agnostic Fall Detection, Geofencing & SOS

We are a software platform that integrates many medical devices and common wearables to allow monitoring of patients in a non-intrusive way. For patients battling cognitive decline, we offer GPS watches with an SOS button & heart rate tracker to prevent the individual from wandering off and getting lost. By monitoring gait patterns with our privacy-respecting ambient wall sensors, our platform can help predict when the risk of a fall might be getting higher in order to take action to address it.

Contactless RPM with Veyetals (No wearables needed)

Our platform enables contactless capturing of real-time vitals data using the smartphone camera in selfie mode. We are able to detect with high accuracy - Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Oxygen Saturation (O2), Respiratory Rate, Mental Stress Level & Blood Pressure. Users of our platform can access this feature and have their data automatically recorded to their historical charts.

Easy Integration with Multiple Carepaths

Easy integration with HIS/LIS/EHR/EMR systems allows for end-to-end patient data across homecare, hospital, clinic, nursing & lab; creating a highly accurate digital twin of the patient. Our Safe@Home solution is ideal for any facility adopting or using a Hospital-At-Home model by utilizing our remote patient monitoring platform. We use AI to support multiple chronic diseases and determine fall risk. Multiple carepaths supported fall such as diabetes, wandering patient with CHF, COPD, etc.


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