PointClickCare Document Manager


Easily create branded, personalized documents required for move-in/admissions as well as routine and regulatory requirements. Pre-populate documents with data from the resident’s record for review and in person or remote signing. Improve your resident’s experience while lowering operational costs through Document Manager. Customers shared they reduced time spent on manual document creation by 60% when using Document Manager.

Features and Benefits

Fully Integrated with PointClickCare

No additional users IDs or passwords are required to access Document Manager directly from PointClickCare. Create organizational wide or facility specific templates. No need to limit your documents exclusively to admissions. Create personalized care plans, service plans, and task lists to communicate updates and obtain required signatures from the responsible parties.

Fast Document Preparation

Creating forms and templates is simple with an easy-to-use PDF designer. Just upload a pdf document and add fields to create templates. If changes are required, they can be made quickly. Document versioning ensures your team always selects the most updated document for review and signature.

eSignature Capabilities

Eliminate printing, copying and mailing documents with Document Manager. Offer your residents the ability to review documents online and capture their electronic signatures either in person or remotely.

Document Management Made Easy

Quickly check the status of a pending document using Document Manager dashboards and reports. Apply a filter to find any documents pending completion that require follow up by your staff. Completed documents are available from the resident’s record for instant access.

Expedite and Streamline Admissions

Document Manager is a key component of the admissions workflow starting with resident data captured in PointClickCare’s CRM. A single, integrated platform populates data captured in CRM into PointClickCare and is used to complete documents which saves time and reduces transcribing errors.

Reduce Risk with Improved Compliance

With full audit trails available on form completion and electronic signatures, minimize the risk of non-compliance or legal issues from missing or incomplete documentation or signatures. Track and monitor pending, overdue, and completed documents by resident or dashboards.

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