BENZAIT is a custom development and reporting company. Our development products are container based and functionality focused, allowing our customers to use previously built features for rapid development and reduce costs. BENZAIT offers custom reporting services at a monthly fee based on volume of use across four categories; data sources, custom reports, analysis request, authorized requestors. Our services are provided through a parallel development methodology that provides unmatched quality and speed. All requests are fielded and designed by our Solution Architecture Team, built simultaneously by our UI and Data Design Teams, and finalized in a Product Composition stage. The efficiency of our specialization-focused development process passes cost savings to our customers while providing the exact solution they need.

Features and Benefits

Parse and Analyze CCD Information

CCD data sent with the patient is collected by BENZAIT’s data parser and automatically transformed into easily consumable information. Providers are presented CCD information in a clear, standardized, and mobile-friendly format.

Risk Stratification

Algorithms analyze CCD information to determine the level of patient risk on admission as defined by specific risk indices. All risk assessment calculations are based on industry best practices, guidelines, algorithms, and calculators.

Clinically Meaningful Visualizations

For selected risk indices, visualize the level of patient risk from CCD documentation and PointClickCare information.

Suggested Care Protocols and Clinical Guidelines

Care guidelines and protocols are suggested to providers for based on conditions present or at risk of developing for a patient.

User-Controlled Custom Patient Alerts

Providers have the ability to set risk thresholds for text and/or email alerts for various risk indices (e.g., if HOSPITAL SCORE is > 7, text provider) and patient observations (e.g., blood pressure).

Integrated with PointClickCare

PointClickCare integration includes mobile-optimized views of ADT events, allergies and intolerances, assessments, conditions, immunizations, medications, nutrition, observations, and progress notes.

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