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Forefront Telecare is the leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective virtual behavioral health care to seniors in facilities and home settings in communities across the country. We produce superior outcomes with the same care and human connection for the residents and the facilities we serve. In addition to improved quality of life, we create value through reduced hospital readmission rates and improved management of psychotropic medications. Forefront Telecare's Client Portal application enables the assignment and onboarding of residents in need of behavioral telehealth services to Forefront's team of psychiatric providers. Getting a resident enrolled is as easy as clicking "import" next to their corresponding record. One of Forefront's talented Care Coordinators will handle the registration and intake from there.

Features and Benefits

Facilitate the enrollment of residents in need of behavioral telehealth services into Forefront Telecare's program.

For a resident in a non-acute care setting who may benefit from behavioral health services such as talk therapy or medicine management, Forefront Telecare's Client Portal application provides an efficient and convenient method for enrolling that individual.

Eliminate the need for manually electronic faxing of admission/enrollment documentation.

The Forefront Telecare Client Portal application integrates with PointClickCare to obtain all of the necessary demographic, insurance, medication, and prior diagnosis information. No more faxing of paper documents!

Quickly survey your resident population and track all those who take advantage of Forefront's services.

The initial page of the Forefront Telecare Client Portal application is a dashboard highlighting who is already seeing one of our providers on a regular cadence and who is not. Also, upcoming schedules of providers appointments are displayed for staff and resident coordination.

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