At Accelerated Care Plus, we understand that digital solutions for vital signs monitoring reduces labor burdens and can reduce hospital recidivism. It’s not enough, however, to simply track one or two vitals or capture point-in-time snapshots every few hours. To realize the full potential of this technology, facilities need continuous monitoring in a solution that’s easy, efficient and truly effective within the skilled nursing environment. That’s why we’re proud to bring you true continuous monitoring with OmniVitals Powered by Current Health™. OmniVitals delivers a complete, contextual understanding of patient status over time, not just a few spot checks per day. It’s comfortable for patients, using the world’s smallest wearable sensor to track all five of the most crucial vitals.

Features and Benefits

Passive and Continuously Connected

Requires no effort from the patient except to charge once per day. Allows the facility to provide continuous care and monitoring without interruption of essential rest or activities. 92% patient adherence was demonstrated in a recent case study.

Comprehensive and Contextual Monitoring

OmniVitals captures a continuous stream of complete vital sign data. This provides rich context to give nursing staff and clinicians a deeper understanding of patient status over time, and may expose otherwise undetected health events.

Customized Alerts for Each Patient

Customizable real-time alerts and video chat capabilities enable more rapid, informed and appropriate response as needed.

Mobile and Web Based Dashboards

Single clinical dashboard allows staff to view all patients as well as admit and discharge remotely. Dashboard views updated every 15 minutes to provide a complete contextual picture of the patient's health. Analytics Dashboards give valuable insight to the care management team. Patient data trends help to identify at-risk patients and arrange for early intervention. Using this data to prevent hospital readmittance for just four patient days offsets the entire annual lease of the device.

PointClickCare Integration

Dashboards and alarms fully integrate to PointClickCare, providing a one-stop portal for patient information.

Five-Minute Plug and Play Set Up

Set up is quick and easy for the clinician. Optional tablet may be used to aid patient set up in AL/IL or home health setting. If needed, additional peripherals may be easily connected during the set up process.


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