The first integrated claims app to PointClickCare's marketplace, primeCLAIMS is the simple, cost-effective choice for senior care operators. PrimeCLAIMS supercharges claims reimbursement with automated, easy-to-use functionality designed for billers, by billers to ensure you collect every dollar, every day. With PointClickCare EHR integration, intelligent workflows and interfaces drive ultimate efficiency to the senior care claims management cycle. PrimeCLAIMS is a comprehensive solution, automating and expediting claims scrubbing/submission, secondary claim processing, tracking/editing, flu roster billing, denial management, and eligibility checks. Modules are available stand-alone or together as a complete solution. Most importantly, your staff can convert revenue to cash faster because primeCLAIMS is easy to train and supported by tenured, post-acute claims professionals. PrimeCLAIMS is offered through affiliate Prime Care Technologies.

Features and Benefits

PointClickCare EHR Interoperability

Manage claims transmission, status, and edits; or update related patient data without leaving the PointClickCare application. Benefit from real-time, two-way data exchange not currently available through other claims apps.

All-Payer Eligibility and Clearinghouse

Scrub, submit, track, and edit across all payers. Check eligibility in real-time -- by individual or in bulk using built-in intelligence. Submit claims with near 100% acceptance. Send in batch but get rejection/return on only those with errors.

Automated E-File for Secondary Billing

Process quickly enough to potentially receive primary and secondary reimbursement in the same month.

EzDDE Editing Interface for Medicare

Use EzDDE for instant submission, status, and editing -- without leaving our app.

Customizable, Alert-Based Denial Workflows

Automatically generate ADR candidates and easily manage with customizable, alert-based workflows, calendar, and multi-user checklists.

Automated, Full-Service Payer Enrollment

Simple, easy, quick - enrollment forms, process, status to make it as painless as possible

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