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Luna from Lilia Health is the ultimate time saver for medical practitioners. Designed from the ground up to integrate into clinicians workflow, guided by the principle that software should just work. It offers a modern intuitive dashboard that displays the latest patient data in a single, customizable view. Luna brings the power of speech recognition, empowering clinicians to create accurate, and complete progress notes that automatically populate objective patient data, all from your favorite device.

Features and Benefits

Patient Dashboard

The dashboard is your power tool for chart review. It is the center hub for all your patient's data in one customizable view. In one glance you will be able to see vital signs, laboratory values, imaging reports, microbiology and medications quickly and easily. The dashboard offers modern graphing functions to glean insights and quickly identify patterns in the data.

Powerful Progress Note Generator

Luna enables quick and accurate progress note generation using speech recognition. It automatically loads vitals signs, laboratory data, medication, microbiology, and imaging reports into the note. The result is a detailed and complete progress note that meets your documentation and billing requirements in few short minutes.

Seamless Integration With PointClickCare

Luna's modern dashboard pulls data directly from PointClickCare in real time, and pushes the completed progress notes into the progress note section in PointClickCare. This results in huge time savings and allows for fast and accurate charting in between patients visits.

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