Simple, cloud-based content management for senior living. From a single place, you can deploy content to any and all Touchtown products and manage community users. The integration synchronizes users created and managed within PointClickCare with resident users in Touchtown Community Apps. This simplifies management information workflows, syncs automatically and saves time by eliminating the duplication of data entry. Integration with PointClickCare enables communities to improve their staff experience by streamlining processes and saving time; highlighting the importance of integrations with other senior living technology platforms to Uniguest’s long-term business strategy.

Features and Benefits

Automatically Sync your PointClickCare Residents to Touchtown

Communities that use PointClickCare to manage their residents can have that information automatically sync with Touchtown so they don’t have to manage users in two places.

Easy Updates Between PointClickCare and Touchtown

Once connected, any updates made in PointClickCare will automatically sync to the Touchtown user.

Great for All Touchtown and PointClickCare Users

This integration can keep your resident lists up to date and manage in one place, whether you are new to Touchtown and PointClickCare, already have both PointClickCare and Touchtown, new to Touchtown and want to bring in your PointClickCare resident list, or new to PointClickCare and want to sync your current Touchtown users!

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