INMED is a rising B2B company with an end-to-end digital health platform, combining remote patient management, continuous monitoring, and dynamic bot services 24/7. Our solution is offering a unique combination of software, hardware, and human solutions: EMR - Application, Medical devices - Continuous monitoring 24/7, remote examination technologies, Dynamic AI bots, Call center - nurses/doctors/social workers, Secondary consultation. We provide an end-to-end solution integrated with leading global partners, which allows the provider to offer the best medical services at the lowest cost with no geographic limitations.

Features and Benefits

Bi-Directional Integration between PointClickCare and INMED EMR

Provide an ability to populate the patients to EMR with their data recorded in PointClickCare and update their record.

Remote examination technologies

We provide remote care and digital health service packages in accordance with the needs of their customers.

AI Bots

Our Dynamic Bots are an essential, groundbreaking feature of the Inmed operation. They offer the option of 24/7 Monitoring in cases for which it is necessary, providing both patients and Medical staff with cutting-edge care abilities and peace of mind. The bots are designed to constantly carry and update the information to the EMR system, constantly tracking medical stats. They ensure that at any given point, and from anywhere in the world, medical consultation will be based on the most recent, exact, complete stats possible.

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