Staffy helps improve patient care by bringing health organizations and health care workers together. Our inclusive and diverse community is filled with qualified talent who are excited to gain experience, meet new colleagues and connect with innovative companies. Our best in class app provides access to thousands of qualified RN, RPN, PSW and PCA workers in as little as 90 minutes. Simply post your shift, approve candidates, pay your workers and track all your shifts with ease and convenience. We connect the right people with the right opportunities.

Features and Benefits

Leave no shift unfilled

We envision a world that unlocks the full potential of our health workforce to ensure patient always receive the care they need. At Staffy we believe in empowering what matters. We took a look at the current staffing agency model and knew there was a better way. Our approach improves the way companies scale their workforce and simplifies how talent is able to find work. Through the Staffy platform, we can efficiently and effectively optimize health care workers to fill gaps in staffing across multiple disciplines, in as little as 90 minutes.

Get access to thousands of qualified healthcare professionals

Staffy allows you to find qualified healthcare workers in as little at 90 minutes to ensure your organization is fully staffed and providing the best possible care. Our rigorous on-boarding and vetting process ensures that all our workers are certified, licensed and meet the unique requirements of each client, helping organizations fill shifts quickly with the most qualified candidates. In fact, only 20 percent of our applicants are approved through Staffy's vetting process, so companies can be confident about workers' skills and credentials.

The power of technology

Staffy's mission is to use the power of technology to ensure patients get the care they need. We are committed to being a dependable partner to health care providers with effective technology that enables companies to fill shifts in a matter of minutes, and at a lower cost than traditional staffing agencies. As a result, Staffy is able to create efficiencies and cost savings for health care organizations, while also ensuring fair wages to the workers.

Not a traditional staffing agency

Staffy is not a traditional staffing agency, but a platform that connects healthcare organizations to highly qualifies, pre-vetted workers to fill critical shifts at the last minute or hard to fill shifts like weekends, holidays or overnight. What sets us apart from staffing agencies is that we use digital technology that's so efficient, we match workers to shifts almost instantly, with a fill rate of almost 95%. This means Staffy overhead is lower, and we can charge lower service fees, passing these savings onto our clients. Staffy earns a small transaction fee for each shift filled.


Staffy Empower Hero

Staffy Empower Hero

The Staffy platform empowers Healthcare workers to find flexibility by allowing them to choose when, where and how often they work, while ensuring Healthcare organizations have access to the most qualified workers for short term or un-planned shift vacancies. Together we are improving patient care by ensuring no shift goes un-filled.

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