RevSpring LTPAC Payments Solution


When partnering with RevSpring, every guarantor has a secure personalized online payment experience with flexible payment options and a wide range of payment methods, without ever needing to remember pesky usernames and passwords. Using RevSpring, you can accommodate auto-payments, large ACH payments, and even alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Your staff also has access to the same portal interface to provide further assistance, accept payments, or print/distribute electronically stored statements and receipts. RevSpring also closes the loop on all payments with an automated settlement-based reconciliation tool that cuts manual reconciliation time in half. All of this is aimed at improving efficiencies, accelerate time to payment and simplify your guarantors’ payment and engagement journeys.

Features and Benefits

CCRC Friendly and Easy Access

Bills generated from all disparate areas of your care center (SNF, ALF, and ILF) can all be viewed and paid from a single unified portal that does not require usernames or passwords to securely access.

Clear Payment Options and Methods Tailored to Each Resident

Offer one-time payment or flexible auto-payment options within your business rules. Enjoy the flexibility of accepting large ACH payments, passing along surcharges when needed for debit or credit card payments, and expanding to leading-edge digital alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Cut Reconciliation Time in Half

Using RevSpring’s automated reconciliation tool, you can easily track payments from the time of transaction through settlement and funding into your bank account. This helps you standardize your reconciliation process, eliminate manual errors, and reduce any write-offs.

Full Statement Printing Capabilities

With the experience that comes from mailing more than one billion critical communications per year, RevSpring provides PointClickCare customers with more accurate print communications while always meeting your service level expectations.

Integrated With PointClickCare

RevSpring integrates backend data including accounts receivable, statement and resident data with PointClickCare. This allows a more seamless interaction between your staff and guarantors with RevSpring’s payment solution. Any payment activity that occurs within the portal is then posted back into PointClickCare as the record of truth.

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