VCPI User Account Provisioning


vcpi takes the manual, outdated process of user account creation and management and automates it into a proprietary application which substantially improves the process - and reduces the time it takes - to set up, modify and disable user accounts. The day-to-day tasks associated with system access during hiring, promoting, transferring, and terminating employees are easily handled with vcpi’s Identity Management System (IMS) and its automated request, approval, and notification process.

Features and Benefits

Automated user account provisioning

You now have the ability to automate and simplify the provisioning of user accounts using IMS: simple and quick creation of new user accounts; You can quickly make changes to user accounts thanks to the flexibility of the system.

Improved security & peace of mind

IMS helps protect you from expensive cyberattacks and HIPAA non-compliance while saving you on costs associated with employee turnover. IMS creates a robust audit log that helps clients better comply with the industry’s role-based access regulations and provides better protection of resident, patient, and company data

Streamlined processes

Provisioning integrates with existing HR and payroll systems to automatically provision a new or terminated user, role changes, and other user profile changes. You now have the ability to enter user information into your HRIS system once and our integration will automatically generate PointClickCare accounts with the appropriate level of access for those users.

Integrated with PointClickCare

The Identity Management System (IMS) Integrates with PointClickCare to automate the user account provisioning process including new accounts creation, changes and disables. We use a single unified application that is directly integrated with PointClickCare to seamlessly onboard and offboard employees by providing fully automated computer logins, email accounts and PointClickCare accounts within minutes of onboarding a new employee in Payroll/HRIS.

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