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Insulin Insights provides insulin dose change recommendations to clinicians based on patient information, the insulin regimen, and a collection of blood glucose readings. It is clinically proven to safely achieve glycemic control for patients with Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes. Insulin recommendations are based on ADA Standards of Care. Recommendation Reports are automatically generated and placed into the Miscellaneous tab in the patient record for a clinician's review.

Features and Benefits

Safely Improve Glycemic Control in Diabetes Patients

Insulin Insights, which follows the American Diabetes Association's Standards of Care, has demonstrated its ability to improve glycemic levels as measured by HbA1c measurements in multiple studies. After analyzing and interpreting blood glucose readings, along with other patient data, Insulin Insights recommends incremental changes to the patient's insulin regimen.

No Severe Hypoglycemic Events During Clinical Studies

Insulin Insights is designed to provide insulin dose change recommendations in a limited and incremental manner, based on per patient customized glycemic targets. Because of this approach, no severe hypoglycemia (requiring 3rd party medical intervention) was experienced by patients in clinical studies.

Simplify Insulin Regimen - Transition from Sliding Scale

Insulin Insights allows clinicians to manage patients on a fixed regimen of insulin dosing, removing the need for the laborious and difficult management of the patient on a sliding scale insulin dosing regimen.

Streamline Insulin Med-Pass Workflow

With the support of Insulin Insights, and the transition of the patient away from sliding scale, the Med-Pass workflow is simplified. The clinician does not have to take a blood glucose measurement before every injection of insulin, nor must they do a different calculation for each patient to determine how much insulin to administer at each injection. With a fixed dosing regimen, testing requirements and the amount of time needed to determine the insulin dose is reduced, streamlining the Med-Pass efforts around insulin administration.

Optimize Insulin Utilization Costs

Insulin Insights supports every insulin type and brand. Insulin brands can be customized within Insulin Insights, giving you the opportunity to focus on lower cost insulins that will improve your overall pharmacy costs.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Insulin Insights is an FDA cleared medical device that retrieves patient information, including blood glucose readings, from the patient's record in PointClickCare and then analyzes it and uploads a PDF to the patient's record with recommendations to change the insulin dosing that patient is prescribed.

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