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PointClickCare Care at Home

PointClickCare's Care at Home mobile app allows Home Care providers to efficiently plan for and document the delivery of Home Care services.

PointClickCare Care Chart Pic

PointClickCare's ChartPic application allows care providers to capture resident photos for the purposes of identification.

PointClickCare Companion

PointClickCare Companion empowers care givers with a fast and easy-to-use workflow that unifies the delivery and documentation of services and medication.

PointClickCare CRM

PointClickCare's CRM Solution provides a truly unified view into every aspect of a potential resident, throughout the pre-admission and move-in process.

PointClickCare Point of Care

Point of Care (POC) enables front-line clinical staff to access key information, task lists and schedules, complete documentation, and receive alerts and messaging, all within proximity of a resident.

PointClickCare Practitioner Engagement

The PointClickCare Practitioner Engagement application provides physicians and nurse practitioners with any time, anywhere access to information on long-term care patients in their care.


1–6 (8 results)