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Tembo Health

Tembo Health partners with skilled nursing and senior living operators to deliver comprehensive treatment in place for residents via telehealth.

DrOwl Telehealth

DrOwl’s telemedicine services empower home health, assisted living facilities and nursing homes to improve care and increase resident’s satisfaction l...


PatientPing is the nation's leading care collaboration platform that connects providers so patients get better care.

SchedulePop for Healthcare

Workforce management and staff scheduling purpose-built for the complex requirements of SNFs, Senior Living Centers, and LTPACs.


Carefeed is a HIPAA compliant way for senior communities to text or email families, resident’s, or staff. We digitize, organize, and can automate man...

ForaHealthyMe Inc.

Remote Care, Comprehensive Care, Virtual Care, Rehab, Tele-rehab, Mindfulness, COVID-19, COVID-19 long-haulers, Acute, Mental health, Care Coordinatio...


HealthDrive is the national leader in delivering on-site dentistry, optometry, podiatry, audiology, and behavioral health to residents in skilled nurs...

Continyou Care

Continyou Care is a cloud-based, home management platform built specifically for senior homes which includes an iPad-based Tableside Meal Ordering sol...

Status Solutions LLC

At Status Solutions, we help those who are most vulnerable by empowering them with critical information to allow for proactive communication.