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On Call People, Inc

OnCallPeople’s provider scheduling and communication platform delivers a workforce management solution enabling the creation of provider schedules, al...

Dispatch Health

PointClickCare integration for quick and easy access to DispatchHealth clinical teams.

LiveAssist Solutions Ltd.

Contactless screening prior to entry: compliance questionnaire, temperature check, access control, PPE dispensing, occupancy load management. Ensure ...

Sky Health Solutions

Sky Health digital platform provides tools for patient triage, virtual care visits, and on-demand physician engagement to lower readmissions, improve ...

AMD Global Telemedicine

AMD empowers post-acute care facilities with telehealth technology solutions that help clinicians treat patients in place and avoid hospital readmissi...


ABILITY SMARTFORCE® Scheduler: 100% cloud-based and fully mobile scheduling and open shift management application that transforms scheduling for singl...

TeleHealth Solution

TeleHealth Solution is a physician-led national provider group that leverages technology to drive clinical outcomes specific to the SNF, ALF, and hosp...


Web-Based QAPI Solution. Easy to use, easy to maintain. Efficient regulatory compliance.

iGlucose® Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The iGlucose® Cellular‐Enabled Blood Glucose Monitoring System automatically sends results to a dashboard and PointClickCare. No WiFi, Bluetooth, sync...