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Rivews' patient experience and survey platform with PointClickCare integration enables organizations in holistically collecting, assessing and understanding patient satisfaction scores in real-time.

RosieConnect 2.0

RosieConnect 2.0 enables caregivers to chart clinical and vitals data from an expanding platform of point-of-care devices directly in to the PointClickCare Electronic Health Record.


SafeBeing enables caregivers to passively detect changes in conditions, reduce hospitalizations, and improve on quality metrics.


Senior care's first and only Family Communications Manager connects your facility with residents families to give never-before-seen insights into family interactions, satisfaction, and care coordination.

Sherpa CRM

Sherpa aligns strategic, operational and—why is this so rare?—human objectives to transform sales culture and drive results.

Simplified Nutrition Online

Simplified Nutrition Online is a menu integrated dietary management system that focuses on the resident experience, while providing production, clinical and dietary compliance.


49–54 (67 results)