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iCaria Health

Family engagement app that enables families to better monitor and care for their elderly and engage with the community of caregivers and service providers.

WelcomeHome Software

WelcomeHome is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management tools for the senior living operator. Designed to make teams more efficient and effective, it marries smart design with automation to allow teams to focus on what matters.

5-Star Telemed

Telemedicine and physician EHR integrated solution developed by the post-acute care group Theoria Medical. Telemedicine and physician services are efficiently integrated with PointClickCare.

Family CareSpace

Family CareSpace’s Secure Family Portal (FCS-SFP) introduces the first 24/7 real-time location of a loved one in a community, bringing unparallelled transparency, communication, & connection; PEACE OF MIND.

Medpod Telemedicine

Medpod is a telemedicine platform available in highly versatile configurations including a cloud-based version without devices and complete units deployed in a suitcase or standalone cart, coupled with RPM to provide both episodic and chronic care in virtually any setting


The Skedulo platform is built for the modern workforce and designed with your mobile caregiver in mind. Use Skedulo to simplify complex scheduling and work assignments, improve the patient experience, increase operational efficiency, and easily manage your mobile caregivers.


1–6 (67 results)