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PointClickCare Automated Care Messaging allows nursing staff to conduct outreach in minutes, saving them hours of manual phone calls. Using existing resident family contact information stored in your PointClickCare EHR; voice, text (SMS) and email notifications can inform loved ones of outbreaks and emergencies, policy change notifications and social announcements. For day-to-day operations, routine communication for care coordination and care plan reminders can also be triggered via automated workflows using PointClickCare's Resident Event Calendar. All communications are automatically logged in the resident's EHR ensuring compliance and a clear audit trail. Automated Care Messaging is powered by Cliniconex and sold and supported by PointClickCare. Easily to deploy Automated Care Messaging in a matter of days and requires little-to-no training!

Features and Benefits

Return Time to Care

Automate repetitive time-consuming tasks and allow nursing staff to focus on what matters most: caring for residents. Automated Care Messaging allows facilities to create templates so staff can react quickly and communicate effectively.

Improve Family Engagement

Proactive communication is critical to maintaining trust and confidence in care teams, while also reducing inbound requests and alleviating stress caused by lack of information. Keep Resident Families informed of their loved one's upcoming medical appointments, care plan reviews, and any urgent situations with push notifications to their preferred devices.

Ensure Compliance & Emergency Preparedness

Ensure regulatory compliance and keep your emergency preparedness plan up-to-date with effective communication tools. Automated Care Messaging allows a single staff member to initiate a message to resident family members of an entire facility (or unit) in a matter of minutes. Responses are automatically logged in the EHR, creating an auditable trail.

Reduce Operational Costs

Your high-value nursing resources are spending countless hours manually engaging with resident families. During an emergency, manual outreach is costly and unpredictable. Re-allocate resources towards meaningful tasks and increase cost predictability through workflow automation.

Care Plan Reminders and Appointment Coordination

Automated Care Messaging’s routine service integrates with PointClickCare’s Resident Event Calendar to automatically trigger notifications to family members informing them of upcoming events requiring their participation. They can confirm or cancel attendance directly from their device. Special instructions can be customized based on appointment type; ensuring families arrive on time, prepared, and informed.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Outreach is fully automated with a secure and personalized cloud-based solution that ‘lives’ in your PointClickCare EHR. Cliniconex notifications are triggered directly from your PCC EHR, lessening the burden on your staff. Notifications can be customized based on type, provider, location/unit, and recipient. Time and frequency of notifications can be based on the patient schedule, as in the case of appointment reminders, or based on custom triggers, such as health outbreaks. No matter if you are a single facility or part of a larger long-term care network, Cliniconex offers solutions that allow your staff to focus on direct care, confident that communications will be delivered accurately and reliably. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations. Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. Users can log in using their PointClickCare credentials.


Automated Care Messaging Overview

Automated Care Messaging Overview

PointClickCare's Automated Care Messaging solution is powered by Cliniconex and helps senior care facilities return time to care by automating resident family engagement. Send outbreak & safety notifications, automate outreach for care coordination and keep resident families informed of new policies and upcoming events.

Automated Care Messaging Testimonials

Automated Care Messaging Testimonials

PointClickCare's Automated Care Messaging solution is powered by Cliniconex and helps Senior Care facilities of all sizes ensure regulatory compliance, improve family communications and decrease the burden on care teams. Don't just take our word for it - see what your peers from Brookdale Senior Living, Providence Care and St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre have to say about working with us!

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