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Pinnacle collects satisfaction surveys from your customers and their families. But what good is intel without action? We’ve built our business on streamlining our solution so that the frontline benefits from it as much as management does—every leader in your organization will know what the highest-yield action item is and can track your progress toward it. Our 1,000s of clients say they love our no-training-needed software, real-time risk alerts, and employee accolades. And with 25+ years in the business, we offer the most accurate benchmarks in the senior care industry.

Features and Benefits

The Best Survey Solution Is the One Your Team Uses Every Day

You can have the most accurate data in the world, but if no one’s looking at it, it’s no good. That’s why large-scale user adoption is the gold standard for Pinnacle, and it’s why our customers tell us they love us more than any customer survey solution they have tried.

You Need Constant Feedback, Not Just Once or Twice a Year

Healthcare is fluid. To have an accurate understanding of your location’s operations, you need uninterrupted customer feedback from multiple sources. Pinnacle offers personable, in-depth phone interviews so you always have a pulse on your customers and responsible parties. Auto-emailed admittance and discharge surveys give you timely info when customers experience change in their care.

Always Know Your Focus Area

Busy frontline managers can’t spend hours teasing out insights from reports—they need to know the takeaways right up front. Using the data from your surveys, we identify the single action area that will give you the most bang for your buck right now. We equip you with simple, specific, and custom direction on how to improve the patient experience and how to celebrate successes. As experts in senior care, we never leave you wondering what to do with the feedback we offer.

Know How You Compare

Since we have thousands of clients nationwide, our unparalleled benchmark data lets you know exactly how your performance ranks.

Catch It Before It Escalates

When we uncover concerns like falls, potential lawsuits, or state involvement, we notify you immediately so that you can prevent any serious problems.

Bring The Whole Team

Discuss survey results, tag users, and create tasks right in the reporting portal. It’s collaboration and accountability all in one place. Add as many users as you want; there’s no per-user charge.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Pinnacle uses the PointClickCare API to stay in sync with resident and emergency contact information along with admission and discharge events in order to prioritize and automate our surveys.

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