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Waystar Claim Management

Waystar’s Best in KLAS revenue cycle platform integrates seamlessly with PointClickCare, creating a simple + unified workflow that makes Medicare clai...

Safr Technologies, Inc.

Safr Care is a non-emergency medical transportation software platform. Patients no longer have to miss appointments due to lack of transportation.

Novus Pain Management

Novus is a medical practice that provides physical medicine and pain management services to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, an...


INMED is an end-to-end digital solution that manages patients remotely and streamlines the nursing homes’ medical services and business by reducing ho...


Full revenue cycle management for credit card, check, and ACH payments for clients to retirement homes.

SmartText by Medlog

SmartText is a PointClickCare integrated, HIPAA-compliant messaging app that improves communication between nurses and doctors.


Emmacare is patient monitoring platform for patients in facility and homecare settings offering an integrated RPM, CCM and Telehealth solution.

BASE10 Laboratory Support Software

BASE10 software seamlessly integrates with your existing PointClickCare service to further enhance your infectious disease laboratory testing protocol...

Vitae Health Systems

Vitae Health Systems is a clinical provider of Internal Medicine, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Podiatry services to Skilled Nursing Facilities via NP...