ABILITY SMARTFORCE® Scheduler is a next-generation, 100% cloud-based and fully mobile scheduling and open shift management application that transforms scheduling for single units, departments, clinics, facilities and enterprises. With ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler, you can eliminate hours spent making phone calls and managing schedules, reduce overtime and empower your staff to collaborate in the scheduling process. Your staffing data is no longer buried in spreadsheets or lost on paper, but is put to work for you, supporting more data-driven and effective staffing decisions. What’s more, ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler simplifies integration with other HR systems.

Features and Benefits


Complete access: View and manage your schedule 24/7 from your mobile phone or computer, and easily sync your work schedule to your personal calendar. Instant notifications: Get text or email notifications instantly about open shifts, schedule changes and announcements. Easy requests: View and respond to staff requests and even make PTO and shift swap requests right from your mobile device or computer.


Save time: Significantly decrease time spent on scheduling or making phone calls. Build schedules quickly using templates, and changes made anywhere are instantly updated across the system. Fill shifts fast: Fill more shifts by sending announcements and broadcasting open shift needs to qualified staff via text message, email or both. Manage effectively: Instant visibility and avoidable overtime options help you make effective staffing decisions. Get an instant view into up-to-the-minute staffing situations, and receive visual alerts for overstaffed/understaffed shifts and overtime staff. Manage overtime and more: Easily manage overtime, sick calls, census changes and no-shows. Get data right at your fingertips for overtime, seniority, last called off or credential expirations. You can also set overtime and hours worked rules for different job types or areas.


Stay informed: Executive dashboards and push reports keep you continuously up to date. Automatic reminders allow you to recognize birthdays, work anniversaries and those who pick up extra shifts. Increase visibility: View and manage staffing system-wide from one screen. Easily monitor departments, shifts, employees, risk areas and budget impacts. Simplify scheduling: Enterprise-wide staff scheduling works in all types of settings, including inpatient, ancillary departments, ambulatory care and more. Quick and easy onboarding: Successfully onboard new hires with minimal training required – with an average implementation time of two weeks


ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler integrates with PointClickCare to import daily census. There is also a mapping of PointClickCare facilities/units to SMARTFORCE locations/departments.

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