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Vitals and weights transfer from bedside to the resident's record in PointClickCare immediately, wirelessly and paperlessly. Save time, eliminate documentation errors, and most importantly, prevent readmissions with SMART* Alerts. ** Live integration requires a contract with Medline for equipment & software services in order to capture the information within your facility. Fees will apply.

Features and Benefits

Readmission Prevention

SMART* Reports predictive analytics identify combinations of subtle changes in condition that indicate potential health crisis and alert your DONs and NPs to trigger the early care plan intervention that prevents unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Save Time for Nurses and Caregivers

Reduce the time spent capturing and documenting vitals. The time savings translates to better care for and communication with your residents--plus makes a significant impact on your bottom line.

Eliminate Documentation Error

CareConnection's automated delivery to your resident record not only eliminates the transcription and omission errors, but provides an accountability trail that both ensures and improves care.

Improve Care with Accuracy and Alerts

Better input yields better outcomes. Medline's automated vitals monitors and other devices deliver fast, accurate measurements which improve baselines. Our FDA Cleared vitals integration software generates immediate alerts for out-of-range conditions, prompting caregivers to trigger intervention.

Alerting Safety Net

From immediate alerts at the bedside to pop-up alerts at the nursing desktop to HIPAA compliant emails, CareConnection delivers a range of alerting to support your team's intervention and prevention strategy.

Ruggedized Equipment Designed for Post-Acute

Medline's equipment was designed around customer input--ruggedized to withstand the continuous, maximized use conditions in the post-acute industry. Full cable/cord/outlet management and ergonomically positioned, well-protected vitals monitor and tablet ensure your investment dollars are well spent.

Mobile Kiosk Functionality

Optimize your team's efficiency with the CareHub touchscreen tablet that delivers access to PCC and POC to facilitate documentation of nursing notes and ADLs at bedside.

WiFi Powered; No server required

CareConnection's cloud-based, HIPAA secure integration to PointClickCare requires only your buildings existing WiFi network--no servers--no additional hardware. Best of all, our application was designed specifically for the post-acute provider--with safeguards that facilitate operation in wifi dead spots and under wifi adverse conditions. No need to "push" the measurements--the CareConnection application constantly seeks WiFi and will send the measurements --time/date stamped at the time of capture.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Give your team the benefit of PointClickCare's most experienced and widely used vitals integration. Experience successful implementation and adoption as have hundreds of other buildings across the USA. These are the ways in which CareConnection integrates with PointClickCare: Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contact information from PointClickCare; Create blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, height, oxygen saturation, pain level, respirations, temperature, or weight observation for a given patient in PointClickCare; Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations; Retrieve name, role, and settings about the PointClickCare user that is logged in. **Live integration requires a contract with Medline for equipment & software services in order to capture the information within your facility. Fees will apply.

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