WorkSync is a workforce management solution now integrated with PointClickCare that empowers long term care facilities to face complex problems head-on while keeping the focus where it needs to be, resident care. WorkSync helps improve coverage ratings, lower labor costs, increase talent retention and streamline compliance reporting related to staffing.

Features and Benefits

Improve Staff to Patient Ratios

Improving staff to patient ratios helps deliver on your facility’s brand promises. Optimal staffing ratios can also improve your CMS star ratings, which can lead to higher revenue per resident. WorkSync’s seamless EHR integration ensures your scheduling plans are rooted in accurate and up-to-date medical record data. Optimal labor needs are calculated based on your census, zones, and acuities, giving you the right plan to provide targeted care levels.

Manage Risk

Compliance regulations and rules can be complicated, and the penalties for failing to comply are costly. WorkSync automates the complex formulas and calculations for compliance with ACA, PBJ, FLSA and other labor regulations. It also helps accommodate evolving workforce legislation like paid sick leave, fair workweek, and predictive scheduling.

Engage and Retain Staff

Bridge the communication gap and empower your staff with an interactive and collaborative solution where they can request schedules that fit their lifestyles. Managers have increased visibility where they can assess requests based on historical employee performance, and in real-time, engage with both scheduled and contingency staff across the entire organization.

Drive Margins Back Into the Facility

Providing higher coverage doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your margins. By streamlining your scheduling and reporting processes, WorkSync can help you drive margins by preventing overscheduling and reducing overtime while safeguarding against audit claims and staffing related penalties.

Visual Scheduling

With Visual Scheduling, you define your ongoing needs for each position. Then we help find the best-fit candidate by filtering based on your criteria such as availability, qualifications, proximity to staffing, graphical depiction coverage throughout the shift, and notifications for schedule assignments and changes.


Retain and empower employees with increased engagement using our mobile app, texting, or web-based employee self-service. Employees can participate in their scheduling and collaborate through messaging and threaded conversations with coworkers and managers.

Absence Management

Maintain appropriate customer service levels plus reduce cost and compliance risk by replacing absent employees quickly and efficiently. Address staffing gaps and manage complex staffing requirements that support customer needs. Target replacement employees with specific qualifications, to meet required coverage levels.

Coverage Calculations

We use your formula for determining labor needs—based on your census, zones, acuity, or other factors. Our coverage calculations then determines the labor needed for each position throughout the day and will update your scheduling template.

Time & Labor Management

Automate complex pay rules with a sophisticated parameter engine that allows you to meet business requirements for reporting or managing labor activities.

Accruals and Planned Leave

Streamline administering paid and unpaid leave policies from employee requests through manager approval to replacement. Employees receive time-off benefits that are labeled in many ways, for example, vacation, sick, personal, PTO, bereavement, and FMLA.

Attendance Policy Tracking

Automate attendance policies. Points accrue and expire according to your rules and are visible in the dashboard, time card, scheduling filters, and throughout the system. Generate employee notification letters according to your customized templates.


Visibility into real-time information streamlines daily workflows. Sharing and analyzing historical time and labor across your organization provides insight into the future needs of your business.


Meet compliance requirements with a proactive time and labor management engine. Adhere to organizational policies, federal, state, and municipal labor regulations, while still accommodating employee leave requests, managing unexpected absences, and monitoring coverage requirements.

Integration with PointClickCare

See how WorkSync is integrated with PointClickCare: Retrieve the number of beds available to fill for admitting residents; Retrieve the list and details of facility floors, rooms, and beds; Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations.

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