With thousands of electronic surveys being conducted daily, its robust platform provides the facility with real time data and notifications. LEVEL 10's back end is one of the most user friendly tools on the market. Surveys are only as good as the data and comments collected. We trend at 85% completion rate. By providing options in terms of conducting a survey, facilities can choose the best approach for them.

Features and Benefits

Integration with PointClickCare

By creating an API integration with PCC, all patient data is uploaded nightly into Senior Survey LEVEL 10. Our goal is to provide a survey to 100% of all patients. A sampling of data too often provides misleading and inaccurate information. With Senior Living LEVEL 10, our platform is positioned to ask every patient to participate in taking a survey.


As with many survey platforms, notifications are part of their platforms but we go one step farther by providing email notifications for: • Surveys scored highly/poorly. • Surveys with any comments included. • Surveys when disparaging words are entered into the comment section. These may include – abuse, law suit, state involvement, mediations, risks, etc. • Completed surveys

Frequency and Accuracy

Senior Survey LEVEL 10 is built to provide ongoing surveys through automation and time stamping. From admission to discharge, accurate benchmarking and trends are established while best practices are documented. This functionality ensures that a facility is providing the highest level of care from start to finish. Although frequency is determined by the client, the platform is built to provide many levels of surveying.


One of the biggest points of difference with Senior Survey LEVEL 10 is the nimble reporting capability and client interface. Standard reports will be part of each facility’s dashboard but a facility can also run one off reports based on an individual question category, CoreQ questions, individual patient survey, reports based on geographic location and much more.

Types of conducting survey

Because a patient’s experience is imperative to a facility’s long term health, we offer multiple touch points in order to collect as many completed surveys as possible. Once the patient data is uploaded into Senior Survey LEVEL 10, our platform will indicate if the survey will be completed via a phone call, printed survey which includes a self-addressed envelope or staff assisted within a facility. Statistics continue to show that offering more than one option to complete a survey will yield higher completion rates.


Senior Survey LEVEL 10 offers two payments options based on the facility strategy. A onetime set-up fee depending on number of surveys and disciplines – i.e: SNF’s, AL’s etc. plus a monthly fee (predictive) or per survey fee.

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