Our Team is passionate about providing solutions that consistently facilitate bottom line improvements for our clients that allow them to improve the overall level of patient care.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Documentation Redundancy

Improve staff satisfaction by reducing documentation redundancy and streamlining options available without compromising substance! Leaving staff more to focus on what matters, your residents.

Improve Efficiency

PamSki Solutions will work with you to help your organization be more efficient so you can focus on your residents.

Manage By Exception

Learn to manage by exception through shift to shift management, dashboard maintenance and portal monitoring.

Increased Reimbursement

Learn to maximize your reimbursement management tools through PointClickCare with ease! Teaching your staff the best practices they need to capture accurate information while reducing manual processes, errors and incorrect coding. Resulting in better more accurate information and increased reimbursements.

Optimization Thru Utilization - Full Course Description

Our Optimization Thru Utilization Solution provides an organization the ability to maximize its dollars spent for PointClickCare. Our team of Certified Professionals will show you how to interpret the system, influence and affect change and provide a customized training program. Reach out to schedule a free 2-hour system assessment to explore the benefits available. Reduce Documentation Redundancy: One point of entry; Streamline options available without compromising substance. Manage By Exception: Shift to shift management; Dashboard maintenance; Portal monitoring. Time Efficiency: Learn to work the system to your advantage; Develop enhanced workflows. Staff Satisfaction: Less clicks. Increased Reimbursement: Accurate documentation.

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