Anna™ is a technology platform that provides real-time patient monitoring across the continuum of care. Anna's predictive analytics combined with data integration with acute, payors, and post-acute providers, EMRs enables users to gain insights into patients, care journey for improved quality and cost outcomes. With PointClickCare API integration, Anna™ Standard provides up-to-date patient demographics, admit/discharge/transfer, payor, and diagnosis information; helping users stay inform and make timely care coordination decisions.

Features and Benefits

Improving Patient Outcomes

By not having to resolve manual inquiries related to administrative patient information, your staff will be able to focus more on important clinical tasks that will contribute to better patient experience and outcome.

Better Collaboration with Acute, Payor, and Post-Acute Providers

Collaborate better with the rest of the care continuum providers by leveraging automation, empowering your team to have data-driven discussions based on facts, to ensure patient outcome is consistently positive.

Differentiate Your Performance with Your Referral Sources

Break through the noise by automating performance sharing on a risk adjusted basis and distinguishing your innovative clinical programs to your referral sources.

Align Expectations

Through timely data sharing, expectations and Care Plans are quickly produced and revised based on most up-to-date information.

Predictive Analytics

Swift data transmission of current patient information helps identify high-risk patients, and in turns helps determine the best course of action to prevent worsening conditions and readmissions.

Reduce Cost and Simplify Communications

Reduce miscommunication, unnecessary workflow steps and errors, often introduced by manual interventions, email and phone calls. Instead, improve accuracy and responsiveness by relying on automation.

PointClickCare Integration

Anna™ integrates with PointClickCare and provides users the most up-to-date information: Retrieve a patient's coverage details. By default, only the current payer tree structure along with informational payers are returned. Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. Retrieve a list of conditions for the patient. Conditions include detailed information about a condition, problem, diagnosis, or other events, situation, issue, or clinical concept that has risen to a level of concern. Retrieve a list of admit, transfer and discharge (ADT) record entries for a patient. ADT entries include actions such as admission, discharge, internal room transfer, death, leave of absence, primary payer details.

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