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RCare is the creator of the most advanced wireless nurse call and emergency call solution on the market. Created exclusively for the senior living industry, RCare was designed to address the specific and unique needs of your residents, staff and administrators. RCare minimizes noisy alerts and bells with silent, customized staff alerts and ensures that all calls will be efficiently and quickly delegated and answered. The RCare Mobile app offers a convenient and secure mobile platform to handle all caregiving needs such as: resident/staff communications, messaging, care coordination, analytics, activity tracking and more. Optional add-ons include: resident monitoring, personal emergency response, advanced resident location, staff duress, environmental monitoring, and customized analytics. RCare is integrated with PointClickCare, Amazon Alexa and Accutech.

Features and Benefits

UL 1069 Ed. 7 & UL 2560

RCare solutions meet the stringent guidelines set forth by ETL to ensure your nurse call system is reliable, every time. Regardless of whether it's a skilled nursing, assisted living, or independent living community (or a combination), you can use one comprehensive RCare nurse call platform to cover all levels of care.

Complimentary Upgrades for Life

At RCare we want your system to operate at optimum capacity. That's why we promise complimentary upgrades for the life of your RCare system. We publish updates on a bi-annual basis and provide access to the latest and greatest features as they are released.

99.99% Uptime

Exactly what it says. 99.99% uptime and we'll guarantee it!

Rugged & Durable

Our Linux-based platform does not conform to the perils of an unreliable Windows machine where updates can be random and may even cost you extra money to just keep your nurse call system up and running. With RCare, you have full control over the platform and no hidden costs. We keep RCare running, so you don't have to worry. Plus, you have our 99.99% uptime guarantee!

RCare Mobile

RCare Mobile is a Caregiver Notification tool designed for on-the-go senior housing staff and caregivers. Available for iOS or Android, the RCare Mobile app makes caregiving more efficient and responsive. Completely encrypted and HIPAA-compliant, the RCare Mobile app enables on-the-go caregiving, staff-staff and staff-resident communications and the convenient “I got it” button to eliminate duplication and ensure accountability. RCare Mobile also uses NFC technology to check in at point-of-care, log services performed and allow for more accurate billing and staffing.

'I Got It' feature to claim calls

Integrated with your RCare nurse call system, RCare Mobile uses an "I got it" feature to allow caregivers to claim a call and maintain accountability. Caregivers can see which calls have been claimed and by whom. It also verifies that all calls get answered promptly and eliminates duplication of efforts. The alarm stops once the call is claimed, reducing alarm fatigue.

Ensure all alerts are answered

Senior housing staff and caregivers can see all active calls, which calls have been claimed, and the response times. If a call is not claimed in a timely fashion, the alert will be escalated to ensure it is answered immediately.

Caregiver Services and Activity Logging

With RCare Mobile's NFC technology, caregivers can check in and out at point of care. The app will prompt them to log the services and ADLs performed, and automatically track the duration of time spent with the resident. This is not only helpful for billing efficiency and accuracy, but also can provide a clearer picture of individual resident needs, overall service trends, and can help with proper staffing.

Secure and Encrypted Communications

The RCare Mobile app puts the communication power of a smart phone in the hands of your caregivers, but without the risks, liabilities and distractions of personal cell phones. Caregivers can easily speak with the resident to assess the situation, provide reassurance and determine if additional help or supplies may be needed. Caregivers can easily and securely communicate with one another by using RCare Mobile's encrypted calling and text messaging.

Advanced Locating Protocol

RCare's advanced locating protocol uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning to provide room level identification giving responders the exact location where a call originates. Perfect for multi-story communities, RCare's Advanced Locating Protocol (ALP) can save valuable time and ensure help goes exactly where it is needed.

RMetrix Analytics and Reporting

Included with every RCare solution, RMetrix Analytics and Reporting provides a baseline suite of reports with essential health and activity data for your community, including: caregiver call metrics by shift, wing or group, frequent callers, call volumes, caregiver service reports for ADL tracking and billing purposes. By leveraging a custom reporting engine, RCare reports are the most versatile and easy-to-use in the industry. In addition to our default graphs and charts, custom charts can quickly be created for maximum flexibility.

Base RMetrix: Included in all RCare Systems

Because knowing is half the battle! Creating meaningful culture change in your senior community starts with detailed analytics. Base RMetrix is a community-wide reporting suite that comes included with every RCare nurse call system. You will be armed with powerful data integral in your quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI) program. You can also improve staff efficiency and reduce caregiver burn out by analyzing call trends, services rendered and caregiver activities.

Reporting & Scheduling

You don't need to log in to be 'in the know'. Receive regular reports on activities, metrics and caregiving calls. Pre-scheduled reports can be delivered by email to the people who need them.

Customizable Reporting

RMetrix comes pre-loaded with a menu of meaningful, data-driven reports. Don't see the one you need? It's easy to customize your own reports. A simple SQL query will help you build the exact report that you need.

In-house Report Creation Service

Let us create the report for you! Our in-house Business Analyst will do all of the heavy lifting. You just tell us anything you want to know and we'll create the exact reporting you need, at an affordable cost.

Integrated with PointClickCare

The RCare PointClickCare integration allows for resident and room information to be seamlessly synchronized between PointClickCare and RCare systems. The PointClickCare platform synchronizes with RCare when residents are admitted, discharged, or transferred, ultimately ensuring better staff coordination and efficiency. By automating this process, RCare caregivers and administrators can be confident that the latest room information doesn’t need to be double checked. It is already in RCare, and free from data entry errors. When paired with RCare’s Advanced Location Protocol (ALP) technology, facilities can now pinpoint the exact pendant location, including floor number, and quickly associate the exact resident. Central to this integration is the fact that RCare is one of the only nurse call systems that has secured HIPAA compliance, verifying that patient data is private, protected and secure. This is critical when working in conjunction with any sort of patient health information.

Passive Environmental & Activity Monitoring

Environmental monitoring plays a critical role in ensuring the comfort and safety of your residents and staff. RCare has optional passive monitoring sensors to alert your staff of a potential fire, flooding, heating/cooling problem, system failure, resident emergency or even if your refrigerator isn't at a safe temperature. Fully integrated with any RCare system, sensors can be set up to generate real-time alerts to quickly and safely assess a potential emergency. RCare's universal transmitter can monitor just about anything! RCare Passive Sensor options include: Temperature Sensors, Smoke Detector, Water Sensor, Bed/Chair Sensors, Motion Sensors, Contact Sensors

Advanced Resident Location (ALP)

Advanced Locating Protocol is a feature of the RCare solution that allows communities to know where their residents are when they activate their pendant. Long gone are the days of using pendants that are only functional within the range of the room or don’t tell you the room the resident is in. The last thing your staff members need is to go up two levels when the resident is on the main floor or not know which resident they are looking for.

GeoLocation: Designate 'Safe Zones' for residents

With the GeoPendant, your residents can have freedom and independence, without sacrificing their safety. Designate safe perimeter zones for each individual and be notified if the resident is near or beyond the safe zone. RCare can silently alert designated caregivers if a resident is nearing the edge of a safe zone or has exited the specified safe area. Using RCare's Advanced Locating Protocol (ALP), you can determine exact location and floor of your resident to provide immediate assistance.

Phone System Integration

RCare's robust communication and notification platform has the capability to integrate with your existing phone system. Through RCare's robust Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), RCare Mobile devices can call other RCare Mobile devices on your network, resident rooms and any other designated phone numbers inside or outside of the organization. It's easy to fully streamline and coordinate care by sending and receiving calls that would normally be routed to a desk phone. Mobile staff can communicate directly with doctors, pharmacies or other staff members, regardless of location. RCare offers this in a seamless, all-in-one platform to manage all facility communication.

Accutech Wander Management Integration

ResidentGuard, by Accutech, is a low-cost wander system that provides resident ID, loiter and door-ajar monitoring, low tag battery and several other resident elopement safety alerts. Communities can now use their RCare system to control their ResidentGuard wander management system. This comprehensive turnkey solution decreases the cost of hardware and provides personalized resident alerts and notifications. The RCare/Accutech integration provides your staff with individualized details so you can know exactly who is at or near a door, receive customized alerts and view it right from the RCare Mobile device.

Fire Panel Integration

RCare integrates with more than 70 fire panel system models from 20 different manufacturers. Beef up your fire security efforts and save unnecessary hardware costs by leveraging your existing fire panel installation. Maintenance staff and facility managers can receive real-time alerts right to their rugged and durable RCare mobile devices.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Smart speakers and virtual assistants seem to be everywhere we go. “Alexa, play 50’s music.” “Alexa, add milk to the shopping list.” And now, “Alexa, tell the nurse I need help." RCare has integrated an RCare skill right into Alexa for better care in senior housing communities. Now your residents can vocally request help without pressing a button. Your busy caregivers also get a hands-free way to reset the call without taking an eye off the resident. Safety. Efficiency. Between your beloved residents, your compassionate staff, your RCare nurse call technology and the always available Alexa, life just got a little bit better.


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Rapid Deployment Kit

Rapid Deployment Kit

A proven solution, field-tested and ready RCare is on the frontlines, providing reliable nurse call systems, to ensure the best care, in any setting. RCare’s award-winning Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) is an easily installed, reliable, wireless nurse call system in a box. Rapid Deployment Kits are affordable, easy to deploy, and arrive fully programmed. They’re designed to work reliably, inside or outside of traditional hospital settings to provide communications between patient and caregiver and between equipment and caregiver. More than that, they are fully field tested by recent and current deployments.

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RCare Columbia 1

Columbia Healthcare nursing home uses RCare Mobile as their nurse call/PERS system.

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