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RESIDE revolutionizes the outdated long-term care admissions process. Measure and monitor every admission from start to finish. Understand staff and facility performance, admissions trends, and other facility and regional-level results with our cloud-based admissions solution. RESIDE syncs seamlessly with PointClickCare. PLUS- RESIDE delivers a customized resident admission experience in an easy to use APP allowing residents to complete the process autonomously or at bedside with the admissions representative.

Features and Benefits

RESIDE Dashboard

Everything in one place… Finally. This means greater productivity, efficiency, and higher resident and staff satisfaction. The dashboard enables the admissions team to focus only on those resident concerns needing attention. Instead of chasing paperwork, they can better focus their time and talent on delivering exceptional care to the new resident/family. The dashboard is the daily “go-to” tool for insight into every admission.

RESIDE Resident Experience (App)

RESIDE Resident Experience makes a lasting and positive first impression of your facility and the admissions process. The current admissions process leaves residents/families overwhelmed, nervous, and anxious. RESIDE is different. RESIDE is an App that allows residents/families to complete the admission at home or at bedside with or without the assistance of an admissions representative. No more paper or confusing terminology. Imagine having the admission secure and complete

RESIDE Reports & Analytics

RESIDE Admissions analytics identifies trends, opportunities, successes, and critical gaps needing improvement. This tool was designed specifically so that owners and operators would have more knowledge, oversight, and control over the organization’s admissions process. RESIDE Reports and Analytics enables operators to compare the efficiency and effectiveness of admissions practices between facilities. Timely and actionable data shows when, where, and even why changes are needed to drive work performance, attract more referrals, or enhance employee engagement.

Ensure Compliance

RESIDE makes it impossible to skip a form or forget a document, protecting your organization from fines, penalties, and legal risks.

Exceeding resident expectations

Entering a long-term care facility is often overwhelming for residents and families. RESIDE's Resident Experience transitions are easier, faster, and friendlier for both the resident and your staff.

Maximize Revenues

Admissions errors can result in lower government reimbursements and missed insurance collections. Capture every piece of data you need and uncover new opportunities for efficiencies using RESIDE's online admissions platform.

Optimize Staff Efficiency

RESIDE puts power back in your hands. No more chasing paper or hunting for miscellaneous documents. RESIDE enables staff to spend precious time on other high-value tasks. Exception-based management helps you focus on what truly needs attention.

Increase Throughput

REDUCE Admissions processing time by up to 60%. Our simplified, paperless, admissions process provides clear visibility into each applicant’s status so you can move residents through admissions faster.

Admit REMOTELY or at bedside

Each facility receives a RESIDE dedicated Smart Pad which can be used at bedside when admitting new residents. But, RESIDE also works on Any smart device. This means that a facility can admit new residents REMOTELY using a secure link. RESIDE'S customized admission tool ensures the safety and health of residents and staff.

Easy On-boarding

RESIDE is more than just scanned in copies of confusing paperwork. Expert software designers customize the RESIDE version for each organization based on your admissions process. Once the design is completed, staff are trained and up and running with RESIDE in about an hour.


RESIDE Admissions LLC

RESIDE Admissions LLC

Welcome to the Future of Admissions. RESIDE revolutionizes the outdated long term care admissions process.

RESIDE Reporting & Analytics- Instantly

RESIDE Reporting & Analytics- Instantly

Instant auditing at your fingertips. RESIDE ensures you get all the information you need about every admission, instantly. Drive compliance, best practices, and ...

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