Crandall Diet Essentials


Crandall's Diet Essentials (resident card and weight management features) integrates with PointClickCare to provide Patient Data (admit/discharge/transfer), Weights, Allergies/Intolerances, and Nutrition Orders information. PointClickCare pushes new resident updates to Crandall's Diet Essentials. Prerequisite is that the community has an active Menu and Diet Essentials account that is ready to receive the information.

Features and Benefits

Improves Resident Accuracy

The ability to draw specific information from a resident's medical health record in PointClickCare to the Crandall Diet Essentials' program increases accuracy, minimizes errors, and reduces duplication of effort.

PointClickCare Integration

Integrated with PointClickCare for key information improves accuracy and staff efficiency by reducing entry of duplicated detail in Crandall's ala CarteMenus' Diet Essentials system.

Manage with More Accuracy and Less Duplication of Effort

The integration with PointClickCare draws Admit-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) for Resident's Personal Information such as name, gender, status, admit date, date of birth, age, gender, room and bed numbers. A new resident entered in PointClickCare automatically displays on the Diet Essentials master resident list.

Ability to draw Patient Data

The integration with PointClickCare draws the Resident's physician diet order to Crandall's Diet Essentials Dietary information tab within a couple of minutes after being entered in PointClickCare, eliminating diet order errors and duplication of effort.

Ability to draw Nutrition Orders

The integration with PointClickCare draws the Big 8 Allergies in Crandall's Diet Essentials' Dietary Information page, minimizing errors and duplication of effort.

Ability to draw Allergies

The integration with PointClickCare draws a resident's Observations (Weights) into Crandall's Diet Essentials. This makes it possible to utilize Crandall's multiple weight management reports such as Weekly and Monthly for Significant and/or Insidious weights, Quarterly Summary, and a Resident's Weight History.

Ability to draw Observations (Weights)

Fully integrated with Crandall Corporate Dietitians' alaCarteMenus web-based menu program allowing for the resident's meal to be printed on their resident card/tray ticket.

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