Cubigo offers an easy-to-use, personalized platform with Cubes to solve every day corporate, staff, resident, and family challenges in senior living. Our solution, through staff efficiency, digital signage, and resident engagement drives quality care, lowers operating costs, increases occupancy rates, improves customer satisfaction and opens new revenue channels.

Features and Benefits

Connecting staff, residents and family

Cubigo connects staff, residents and family members to digitize the common functions within senior living communities including: dining, maintenance, transportation, communication and activities. We improve workflows, digitize processes and lower operating costs.

For Senior Living Staff

Staff work more efficiently thanks to Cubigo, increasing the time spent interacting with residents. The data gathered empowers them to make decisions and continuously improve the services that they provide.

For Residents

We provide direct access and follow up on requests to comfort and care services such as dining, activities, maintenance, and transportation. Residents also engage socially through the messaging, digital signage, and news feed functions.

For Family

As a family member, Cubigo helps you to organize your loved ones’ care, gives you easy access and insights to services within their community, and keeps you in touch with their life … even when you are miles away.

Personalized Homescreen

Our homescreen allows staff, residents and family to get an overview of their daily schedule as well as easy access to all community services for information or request creation. Cubigo is customized for each community. Branding includes a homepage community image, color schemes and information service icon. Reminders for your requests, bookings for today, birthdays, mail arrival and a link to your personal schedule are shown. Users have the option to switch the homescreen from a ‘large cubes’ view to a homescreen with smaller cubes and additional widgets. The interface font size is also modifiable.


Staff can easily share community news to one or multiple roles (staff, residents, prospects, family, ...). Add multiple photos, share links, and attach documents to ensure everyone has the information they need. The news articles can also be broadcast through the Digital Signage channels.

Individual & Group Chats

Send live (private) chat messages to residents and staff. Create chat groups to communicate effectively with a group of residents.

Resident 360° overview

Staff & family can get a holistic view on the resident’s status, wellbeing and engagement in one glance. Engagement widget shows the number of activities the resident participated in last month, split up in the 6 dimensions of wellness. Evolution widget gives a quick overview and shows the trend in engagement for the past half year. Recent activity creates an excellent barometer to gauge the resident’s wellbeing. Notes provides a secure and structured way for staff to gather and share information about a resident. Staff can write observations, flag incidents or at-risk residents, and assess fitness, food intake and engagement.

Alexa Voice Control

Cubigo works with Amazon’s voice-activated technology. Residents can ask for the community news, discover and sign up to upcoming activities, and much more! This not only integrates with residents who already use Alexa at home, but makes Cubigo accessible to residents with visual or dexterity challenges - boosting their engagement and participation in the community.

Satisfaction Surveys

Send out short surveys to measure resident satisfaction based on community defined KPIs.

Business Intelligence Suite

Cubigo integrated a business intelligence suite (Microsoft PowerBI) that delivers insights in and across communities to enable fast, informed decisions. We support management reporting with data visualizations on corporate, community, service and user level. A dynamic metrics dimension model enables us to quickly compose custom reports and generate these at high performance.


Easily create, manage and share the community calendar. Features include: Detailed activity descriptions including location, recurrence, images, category, price and links. Attendance management with sign-up choices, attendee limits and waitlisting options. Activity categories along the 6 dimensions of wellness: emotional, entertainment, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual. Automatic reminders sent to residents 1 day & 1 hour before the activity starts. Attendance tracking enables staff to indicate which residents participated in an activity, and which residents did not show up. Attendance tracking is used both to monitor individual resident engagement, and for aggregate community metrics on wellness. Easily export a community branded weekly, daily or monthly activity calendar for printout.


Simplify the transportation process through Cubigo. Staff and residents can make requests by filling out this simple form. Staff then confirm rides and the transportation schedule through the platform. Features include: Staff have an overview of all requests, sort them on departure time or filter requests with a specific status; Staff can change the request status in 1 click (to confirmed, cancelled, on hold,…); Export requests to PDF; Create a schedule for drivers; Residents have visibility on their requests and are automatically notified about a new status; Residents get a reminder a day and 1 hours before a scheduled ride.


Simplify the maintenance process through Cubigo. Staff and residents can make requests by filling out this simple form. Staff can follow-up on requests through the platform. Features include: Staff have an overview of all requests, sort and filter on criteria including issue type, location; Integrated with TELS and TheWorxHub; Staff can change the request status with 1 click; Residents receive a notification when the request is in progress and finished; Residents can allow technicians to enter the apartment when they are not home; Download a work schedule for your maintenance staff.


Simplify the dining process through Cubigo. Share the daily menus. Staff and residents can make requests by filling out this simple form. Staff can confirm dining orders through the platform. For staff: Staff has an overview of all dining requests, sort and filter them on status, order date, meal ..; Change the request status with 1 click (confirm, cancel, on hold,…); Receive a notification when a resident cancels their request; Export requests to PDF and Excel, and print requests via Google Cloud Printing to a ticket printer; Dining item management: create courses for each meal; Communicate with the resident from within a request; Easily take tableside orders in a POS optimized workflow. For resident: Residents have visibility on their requests and are automatically notified about a status change or related communication. Table reservation: In the dining service, residents can also reserve a table by filling out a simple form, indicating their preferred time and table; Staff can manage the requests in the backoffice, keeping track of capacity, confirming requests and communicating with the requestor.

Mobile, Web & Desktop apps

Cubigo offers mobile, web and desktop apps for staff, residents, families and prospects, to access, manage, and interact with services provided by their residential communities. Log into Cubigo from any device and stay connected, even on the move.

Digital Signage

Using Cubigo's Apple TV app you can share community news, weather, birthdays, the daily activities schedule, the daily menu and more to screens around the community. Create an in-house live tv channel, using Apple’s text to speech functionality to have slide content read out loud, supporting residents with visual impairments.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Cubigo has partnered with PointClickCare to eliminate the need for multiple log-ins and resources for community staff, residents and families. When a new resident record is created, a new user account is automatically created in Cubigo. Integrate real-time patient demographic and contact information from PointClickCare in the Cubigo resident 360 view. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations.

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