SNO Pro is a Cloud based Menu Integrated dietary management system that reduces liability risk and manages one to many facilities strategically through the Corporate Reporting feature-set. You can run individual or consolidated corporate-wide reports at the push of a button. SNO provides multiple cost savings with precision food ordering that reflects each recipes ingredients and calculates exact census quantities needed for therapeutic diets, meals, and number of days. The Production Report and Smart Recipes scaled to instruct the kitchen staff for production and precise quantities to prepare by texture and portion modification. Purchase Orders are processed electronically directly to your Food Service Vendor. SNO Analytics help to support your budgetary objectives, food costs and estimates.

Features and Benefits

Resident Diet Management

Tracks individual residents' dietary restrictions, allergies, and meal- and day-specific preferences

Tray Card Processing

SNO tray cards are easier to read quickly and accurately when in the tray line, therefore, they reduce errors and liability risk for your facility.

Resident Weight Management

Monitor resident weight changes by tracking the percentage of change at one-, three-, six-, and twelve-month intervals. SNO allows for unlimited weight entries for each resident and includes easy-to-print reports on weight changes, and SNO alerts you to significant weight changes (both weight losses and weight gains). SNO also accommodates daily and weekly weight changes.

Menu and Meal Planning

SNO provides sample Menu Cycles and Holiday Meals and enables you to make any custom changes to accommodate regional preferences or therapeutic restrictions or create your own Menu Cycles from scratch. You can also customize for regional food preferences . For combination nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, there is an increasing gap in residents preferences, and SNO makes it easy for you to meet the more independent residents; requests for spicier, more trendy foods at the same time that your skilled residents receive more traditional, comfort-type foods. You can also address diversity in cultural and ethnic likes and dislikes in the resident population, and SNO tracks individual residents' needs and adaptive eating utensil.

Recipe Planning

Choose from 5,500+ dietitian-developed recipes with the SmartRecipesTM features that automatically scale recipes for dietary managers by calculating quantities based upon the exact meal census and pro-rating quantities to accommodate consistency adjustments when necessary and the SmartAlternativesTM feature that enables alternative options to accommodate renal, diabetic and other special diets and patient preference requests (such as nothing spicy, nothing made with tomatoes, etc).

Production Management

Improve efficiency of your food production and daily kitchen processes with SNO reports. Post each meal or SNO recipes on your bulletin board at your kitchen staff's stations. Print other SNO meal- or daily-specific reports that help with daily production: Regular Diet Counts, Diet Counts, Dislike Counts, Preference Counts, Beverage Counts, Counts for Tube Feedings, Counts for Fluid Restriction Diets, Supplement Counts, and more.

Food Order & Cost Management

Save money with precision in food ordering since SNO's Order Guidance form automatically reflects your specific recipe ingredients and calculates exact quantities needed for your total census and numbers of special diets, meals, and number of days. The Order Guidance forms tell kitchen staff which foods to order and precise quantities. Order Guidance forms can be printed to reflect your daily, weekly, or monthly menu plan. To support your budgetary objectives and saving money, SNO also provides food cost estimates based on average price schedules supplied by 3 major food distributors: Sysco, US Foods, and Gordon Food Service.

Nutritional Calculations

Answer questions quickly from your Director of Nursing, Head Dietitian, state inspection agents, or family members on resident diets by printing out reports with nutritional values and other key indicators. SNO includes automatic nutritional calculations for IBW (Ideal Body Weight), BMI (Body Mass Index), BEE (Basil Energy Expenditure), Protein, Fluid, and Calories.


Become more strategic, organized, and efficient with SNO's reporting. You can print reports on residents' diets, kitchen menu plans, menu costs for upper management, your Director of Nursing, Head Dietitian, or staff meetings. SNO includes hundreds of reports for resident dietary details, nutritional values, tray cards, self-adhesive supplement labels, production and order guidance, recipes, and more.


Protect your residents' private data for HIPAA compliance and for internal management controls. SNO encrypts all patient data, and no data is ever deleted from the system. Instead SNO simply marks the record "Inactivated" so that you can always recover the resident record. SNO has an archived audit trail that tracks every change made to a resident's record including: date of the record change, time changed, user's name who changed, and the change made. SNO has multiple levels of security and can restrict access to resident data, access to particular fields, and access to reports, based upon either individual user or group user security profiles. SNO allows for an unlimited number of users and each user has a security profile that is password protected.

Corporate Controls

Reduce liability risk and manage a large number of facilities strategically through the Corporate Reporting feature-set. You can run consolidated corporate-wide reports for all your facilities at the push of a button. You can also define regional territories and give access to a specific region to a regional Registered Dietitian or a corporate Registered Dietitian who wants to see the data by region. For example, the RD might want to run the "Significant Weight Change" report for all corporate-managed facilities or just a subset of facilities. Since SNO allows you to define 18 user-group levels, you can have one for Corporate Top Executives, other groups for regional dietary management teams (such as Southeast RD Team, Southwest RD Team, etc) or you can assign viewing and change rights to each individual user for each field in the SNO system. With the Corporate Controls feature-set, you can manage the umbrella corporation from one web page and can drill down into details of regions or specific facilities.

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