Enquire CRM features a two-way integration with PointClickCare that reduces data entry, increases data accuracy and aligns sales and marketing activity with clinical and billing information. Enquire's integration with PointClickCare allows you quickly and easily send individuals from Enquire to PointClickCare as well as receive ADT (Admit, Discharge, Transfer) events from PointClickCare to update the corresponding profile in Enquire.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Time Spent Entering Data and Eliminate Double Entries

Enquire CRM's wide network of integrations, including PointClickCare, auto-populate patient data reducing time spent on data entry.

Manage Referrals with Automated Workflows

Customizable workflows automatically prompt users to complete the next step in your organization’s sales process.

Census Data is Automatically Updated

The integration between Enquire CRM and PointClickCare auto-populates census data in the CRM for reporting and other activities.

Instantly Receive Leads via Hospital Systems

Receive leads instantly from hospital systems allowing for immediate response.

Create Custom Admission Checklists

Enquire CRM is fully-customizable allowing organizations to create admission checklists tailored to their needs.

Understand Referring Source ROI

Identify the most valuable referral sources and allocate resources accordingly.

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