Foresite Eldercare is Foresite's intelligent sensor technology for passive, privacy-protecting, continuous health monitoring and machine learning-based predictive analytics, which enables preventive care and personalized interventions in senior living communities. Foresite personnel use integrated PointClickCare data to further personalize the predictive analytics produced by Eldercare.

Features and Benefits

Preventive Care

Foresite's decision-support system enabled through a system of proactive instant and predictive alerts assist caregivers in targeted, personalized, preventive clinical interventions. Such preventive care: o limits the functional decline and improves the quality of life of community residents o reduces health care and overall staff costs o Improves the quality and differentiates the services provided by the facility.

Fall detection

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable Foresite's technology to utilize cutting edge 3D privacy-protecting imaging to alert for potential falls, so that caregivers may provide immediate assistance.

Predictive Analytics

Advanced predictive analytics (Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and structural modeling) along with large sets of proprietary bioindicators produce predictive insights on clinically relevant changes in residents’ health conditions.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Foresite Eldercare is connected seamlessly with PointClickCare. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations.

Patient Demographics

Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare.


Retrieve all medications for a given patient within a certain facility.

Observations and Vitals

Retrieve the historical observations and observations baselines.

Conditions and Diagnoses

Retrieve a list of conditions for the patient. Conditions include detailed information about a condition, problem, diagnosis, or other events, situation, issue, or clinical concept that has risen to a level of concern.

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