We make it profoundly simple to build and deliver unique and personalized programs that blow your competition away. Welbi has quickly become the preferred recreation platform, now integrated with PointClickCare. We provide tons of time saving, easy to use features for recreation teams - typically eliminating over 40% of administrative overhead. With one click of a button our AI based analytics, evaluates the effectiveness of your recreation programming across the organization, helping you stay ahead of your residents' needs. Plus implementation is a snap - we can quickly and easily tailor our tool for your facilities' unique workflow and other requirements.

Features and Benefits

Activity Calendar Development Tool

Welbi's calendar development tool was built closely with dozens of recreation professionals. We wanted to not only ensure that our solution addresses all of the daily pain points of a recreation professional, but to ensure that the whole process is easy, quick and seamless to complete. Our calendar development tool also comes equipped with user-friendly built-in analytics to guarantee that your recreation teams offer effective and holistic programs that fit the needs and wants of each of your residents.

Participation Tracking

Welbi's recreation platform allows staff to capture each individual resident’s attendance, engagement levels and additional notes. Welbi aggregates these metrics in real time and displays them in our Insights section to help your recreation team offer personalized experiences to your residents.

Edit & Print Calendars

Welbi's print calendar feature was built with recreation teams for recreation teams, to help them create world-class programs in a fraction of the time that is currently required. The print calendar allows recreation professionals to easily and seamlessly build their calendars to meet the needs of their residents. When your community's daily, weekly or monthly calendar is ready, your team can download a PDF version of it to print, share online, or post on your website.

Resident Overview

Profile: Easily capture all important information about a resident in one spot. With Welbi's PointClickCare integration, your recreation team will no longer need to duplicate work that your nurses have already completed. Your residents' information will remain up to date, complete and accurate. Resident profile questions are analyzed, aggregated and displayed in our Insights section in order to give you a better understanding of your residents. Assessments: Welbi provides recreation assessment templates to its users, as well as the option to quickly build your own assessment(s). The platform ensures that your recreation documentation and reporting is up to date, complete and accurate. Resident assessment questions are analyzed, aggregated and displayed in our Insights section in order to give you a better understanding of your residents. Personalized Insights: Welbi allows you and your team to effortlessly track and analyze each resident's participation and engagement levels over time. Our platform will ensure that all residents are receiving a holistic and balanced level of care. Resident Summary: Empower your team to easily view everything they need to know about each resident, so that they can deliver a personalized experience to everyone in your home.

Real Time Insights & Analytics

Unlike other analytic tools, our Insights feature is profoundly simple to use and understand, yet extremely powerful. All of Welbi's analytics are quick and in real time, so there's no need to waste any time waiting for the most up to date reports. Similar to other features in our platform, Welbi's insights are fully customizable. Only see what is most important to you.

Overview - Organization 360° View

Welbi's overview feature allows recreation teams to seamlessly view their day to day responsibilities at a macro level. This gives them the time to determine how to best utilize their resources to make sure that they don't miss out on anything.

HQ Platform

Empower your regional and national operations as well as your recreation teams, by providing them with a user-friendly platform that lets them set up organization-wide KPI's and metrics. This platform automatically provides your team with real-time analytics of each community's performance as well as the areas where they need support, so that your team can better focus their resources.

Family Platform

Display the impact and value of your home to family members by allowing them to stay connected and up to date with everything related to their loved ones with very little effort.

Recommendation Engine (AI)

Welbi's AI tool analyzes each resident's wellness assessments, personal profile, recreational preferences and activity habits in order to recommend a tailored recreational plan for each resident. This ensures that residents receive a personalized experience, are more engaged within their community and ultimately improve their health and quality of life.


In just a few clicks, Welbi can easily and quickly be customized to meet the needs, wants and workflow of your community. Create your own personalized solution instead of having to deal with cookie cutter solutions with various limitations.

PointClickCare Integration

Seamless integration into PointClickCare will save your team hundreds of hours each year by eliminating redundancies and optimizing your operations. Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. Retrieve patient's contacts assigned in PointClickCare. Create a new or create an addendum to a progress note for a given patient in PointClickCare. This progress note is for encounters with physicians, and will show up as an encounter in the PointClickCare application.

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