Tenera Care is a highly accurate wearable technology platform that automates the monitoring of users movements, interactions and behaviours within a facility. The system monitors the locations of each user with sub-room precision (>6”), in 3 dimensions, in real-time. Custom alerts are configured allowing the system to notify care staff should a flagged incident occur (e.g. resident has gotten out of bed, entered wrong room etc.). The wearable is also equipped with an emergency call button should a user require immediate assistance. Alerts are pushed to a mobile app notifying staff of the exact location, alert type and level allowing staff to monitor, respond and report on health and safety needs in a much more timely and effective manner.

Features and Benefits

Location and Monitoring

Identify the exact position, movement and proximity of people or assets in real-time. The Tenera platform can identify the location in three dimensions, whether indoors or outdoors, with accuracy of 15 centimeters

Nurse Call

Our Peace of Mind bracelet features an integrated Nurse Call button for both residents, staff and visitors, which identifies the person in distress, their location and who is responding.


Notify staff when a specific resident is detected near a point of interest, such as an egress point, restricted areas or a hostile resident. Personalized notifications for each individual allow them more freedom and flexibility to use the entire facility regardless of their cognitive abilities.

Data Analytics

Measure and visualize data by time and location to improve your awareness of how residents, staff, and visitors interact with your space. Leverage trends to optimize space utilization, correct congested traffic patterns, and identify potential operational inefficiencies or safety improvements.

Contact Tracing

Our wearable device (bracelet, pendant or clip on), that all residents, visitors and staff wear or carry on them, can pinpoint their position within inches. With Contact Tracing, we can easily tell who someone interacted with, at what distance, in what location, and for how long over any time period. Once an individual is in quarantine, we can alert Health care providers when they leave a quarantined area or come in contact with another individual. With the use of automated alerts and live maps, undesired movements and interactions can be prevented. Staff can determine who needs to be quarantined based on interactions with the quarantined individual.

Mobile Apps

Simplify staff procedures using our companion Android app, which allows staff to view, acknowledge, respond to and clear notifications.

Family Reports

Promote transparency by providing the family members regular or on demand reports. Offer the family members of your residents an overview of their activities and behaviours. Reports can be personalized to include various insights, such as dwell times in rooms, interaction reports and mealtime check-ins.

Slip and Fall

Receive resident slip and fall audible and text notifications on registered staff devices.

Management Features

Management of the service is provided via an easy to use, web-based dashboard that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. CUSTOMIZABLE USER PROFILES Add, update and remove users, such as administrative staff and residential care workers. Grant or deny access to individual users or groups. WEARABLES Register and manage wearables that are used by your staff, residents, regular visitors and even temporary onsite contractors. GEOFENCING Turn on or off geofences or 'virtual areas' around defined areas or even individuals. Define rules for alerting or notifying staff.

Historical Reporting

Identify individuals who have interacted with each other in previous days and weeks to monitor ongoing behaviour and behavioural changes.


Tenera Care

Tenera Care

Tenera Care - Realtime monitoring and Analytics Platform.

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