iTreatMD's clinician-facing tools on a smart workflow platform enable & assist clinicians in treating their patients in conformance with best practices. By shortening the time to create encounter notes by upwards of 50%, our tools not only provide guidance to the clinician by incorporating current evidence based guidelines, but also capture the options selected by the clinician for each specific patient to accurately document the encounter. For SNF clinicians, we shorten documentation time by upwards of 50% and increase revenue up to 30%. For SNF admins, we reduce overtime creep, provide risk assessment tools & avoid audit risk by minimizing F tag violations by the streamlining documentation process.

Features and Benefits

Shorten documentation time by up to 50%

It's called pajama time. As a clinician, this is the time after you put your kids to bed, that you start documenting your patient encounters for the day in your electronic medical record (EMR) systems . You will spend the next 2 hours entering this data, before retiring for the night so that you can get ready to do the same the next day. iTreatMD shortens encounter documentation time by upwards of 50%.

Increase revenue by up to 30%

As a SNFist, each note generates a billing invoice upwards of $50, based on the type of note. The less time you spend documenting patient encounters, the more time you will have to see patients. Furthermore, you will now have requisite documentation that is complete and accurate to support extended patient visits such as CPT 99309 instead of 99308 - a $23 increase in revenue per patient.

Avoid F-tag violations

F-tag 483.7 (previously 514) can be an expensive CMS citation - $15,000 to $20,000. Your clinical records need to be accurate, complete, timely, and organized. Are you providing that level of documentation? A single tool from iTreatMD helps: • Reduce your audit risk by standardizing and aggregating your forms, assessments, and treatment plans. Incorporate best practice guidelines within your care plan to reduce omission via guided interaction for your clinicians • Provide concise clinical records, critical to providing quality care and for receiving accurate and timely reimbursements for furnished services.

Reduce overtime creep

An average SNF pays over $250k per year in overtime. Why? It takes your clinicians twice as long to document a patient encounter than to see the patient. No wonder clinicians work overtime and get burned out! At the same time, you end up with the overtime expense. A single tool from iTreatMD provides: - Intuitive user interface reduces documentation time by up to 75% - Automatic document upload into EHRs - Support for multiple EHRs - Auto-scheduling patient visit by severity and timeliness.

Capture MIPS reporting

As of January 1, 2019, you will need to capture and report your MIPS scores electronically, otherwise you will face a penalty of 4% of Medicare reimbursement. With iTreatMD, you will be able to rapidly capture MIPS scores that you have chosen to track. These measures will be reported automatically so that you don't get penalized.

Integrated with PointClickCare

We are fully integrated with PointClickCare. iTreatMD's solution provides tools for clinicians to rapidly document patient encounters to save them time and increase revenue. The integration enables clinicians to get patient data from and upload documents directly to PointClickCare. This integration eliminates faxing, emailing, printing or scanning notes and prevents double entry of patient information such as demographics, medicines, allergies, conditions, etc. for their notes.

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