Reduce time spent faxing and scanning documents with Kno2. PointClickCare users can upload inbound electronic faxes and interoperable messages directly into your resident charts, without needing to print or shred paper or delete files afterwards. From one centralized account, users can manage inbound and outbound exchange of resident documents in an efficient and HIPAA-compliant manner. Kno2 is driving cost savings and improved resident care to our customers by enabling access to and centralizing all of the common exchange workflows, such as cloud faxing, Direct secure messaging, referral networks and more. Take up to 70% of the manual labor out of your daily exchange workflows, start using Kno2 today: www.kno2.com.

Features and Benefits

Cloud faxing designed for healthcare

PointClickCare’s only integrated and electronic fax solution drives paper out of your offices and quickly fills information to the resident chart, giving time back to your clinicians to focus on more important things like resident care. Kno2’s cloud faxing solution also offers built-in distribution rules and document breaking, allowing you to triage and label documents efficiently. The audit trail and message status features also ensure that you can effectively track the status of each cloud fax you send.

Full featured Direct messaging

Expanding beyond C-CDA exchange, Kno2’s Direct messaging allows for complete resident record transfer with external providers. This not only includes C-CDA’s for referrals and transitions of care, but also any part of the resident’s chart including assessments, care plans and other document types and formats.

Download documents from Portals and Referral Networks

Provider portals and referral networks, such as naviHealth (formerly Curaspan) are used by many post-acute providers to capture referrals from nearby providers. To ease the onboarding of the documentation from the portals to PointClickCare, Kno2 provides an easy “gateway” that seamlessly moves documentation from many of the common portals directly into the resident chart. Gone are the days of manually downloading or printing PDFs and scanning them back into the resident chart.

Connect your office equipment

Reduce paper usage in your office, and scan and store information directly to a resident’s chart. Every day, common multi-function devices (MFDs/MFPs) are used to print, copy, scan and fax millions of pages of important and sensitive resident records. You can now acquire a Healthcare MFP that is Kno2 Connected™ and ensure the resident’s information is shared in a secure fashion, audited, while not changing your workflow.

Connect To Microsoft 365 Teams

Microsoft Teams is healthcare’s fastest growing collaboration and care coordination platform. With Kno2 IaaS and our Teams’ integration chatbot, collaborate live with other care providers while accessing a resident’s record real-time from external EHRs live on the Carequality network, including those connected through Commonwell Health Alliance.

HIPAA-compliant transfer of patient information

By using Kno2 you can feel comfortable in knowing that messages containing Protected Health Information (PHI), both inbound and outbound, are encrypted at rest and in transit and delivered in the most secure manner available.

Join the largest network of healthcare providers in the country

Your Kno2 account connects you to the largest aggregated network of healthcare providers in the country; providing access to over 2.5 million healthcare professionals and growing.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Kno2 is tightly integrated with PointClickCare, reducing manual labor by up to 70%. A user can quickly identify a resident through an integrated search, select the correct document category from a dynamically populated list from PointClickCare, and upload directly into the MISC tab of the resident’s record. Through efficient and integrated workflows, you can take several steps out of the traditional process of receiving documents, scanning to your computer, finding the resident record, uploading to their chart and then shredding the documents.


PointClickCare Kno2 Integration

PointClickCare Kno2 Integration

This video demonstrates the Kno2 integration to PointClickCare. Whether the documents arrives via fax, Direct message or referral platform, Kno2's ...

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