Utilizing an integrated system of visual maps and tracking features, MapHabit enables the world’s memory-impaired individuals to accomplish their activities of daily living (ADL) while providing oversight and peace of mind to their caregivers and family members.

Features and Benefits

Supports New Business Development

by favorably impacting new resident acquisition and retention.

Increases Employee Retention

by supporting the caregiver role to help you recruit and retain higher quality caregivers more consistently.

Fosters Family Involvement

by realigning family’s focus towards engaging with individual vs. the facility’s management team and helping to reverse the trend of individual isolation by encouraging family engagement from remote locations.

Improves QOL for Caregivers

by using schedules that are personalized for each individual with detailed steps, built-in reminders to caregiver and individual, and a “Who’s who?” section of family members.

Improves QOL for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments

by making them feel more empowered to complete tasks on their own by following the schedule and outlined steps. When caregiver help is necessary, the visual maps help illustrate what the caregiver(s) is doing with/for the individual and why.

Integrated with PointClickCare

MapHabit is seamlessly integrated with PointClickCare in the following ways: Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations. Retrieve name, role, and settings about the PointClickCare user that is logged in.


The MapHabit™ System

The MapHabit™ System

MapHabit™ is a patent-pending application that provides hundreds of customizable visual maps and tracking features to help those living with various cognitive ...

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