Using Journey in your organization is easy. Most healthcare organizations use Outlook or even paper calendars with telephones and fax machines to manage transportation. Journey replaces all of this with cloud-based calendars (desktop and mobile), automatic bidding and client notifications, to offer the industry a fully automated program to now manage transportation while controlling costs.

Features and Benefits

Forecasts Transportation Costs

The organization’s contracted vendors have the opportunity to bid for your transportation business, thus ensuring every external transport is the lowest price.

Efficient Cloud-Based Calendars

No more chasing down paper calendars or faxes

Reporting for Multiple Locations

Spending Reports, Cost Projections, Medicare Billing Log, etc.

Patients and Third Party Notifications

Immediately upon scheduling an appointment, clients, or whomever they choose, will receive an email notification of the appointment time, location and other appointment details. A 24-hour reminder email will also be sent as a courtesy.

Customize User Roles and Permissions

Manage user permissions based on your organization's need to maximize security and efficiency.

Great for Teams

Your designated staff will now have a live, cloud-based, appointment schedule available on their desktop and mobile device. This allows immediate access to answer your customer’s questions relating to appointments.


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