Skedulo offers one system to intelligently manage all data about your mobile caregivers, including matching the right worker to the right appointment, scheduling, dispatching, and efficiently routing caregivers to patients, all while delivering seamless onsite care once they arrive. Caregiver Management: Manage full-time, part-time, and contracted mobile support workers in one place. Scheduling and Dispatch: Schedule care services efficiently no matter your business priorities like reducing costs, retaining caregivers, or patient preferences. Onsite Care Delivery: Support your caregivers while on the job with patient history, intake forms, care plans, support notes, incident reporting, e-signature and photo capture all in the same app for Android or iOS. Rosters and Timesheets: Effectively manage your workforce rosters and timesheets in the same place you manage caregiver skills, locations, and scheduling needs. Communication and Collaboration: Centralize data and communication in one platform for easy accessibility for mobile care workers and schedulers in the office. Seamless Integration to Salesforce: Skedulo’s native solution for home healthcare companies

Features and Benefits

Match the right provider to the right patient

The Skedulo healthcare scheduling engine automatically takes important factors into account, including the provider’s qualifications, experience, and patient history.

Eliminate missed appointments

Skedulo manages patient and provider schedules and locations in one system and delivers appointment details and updates directly to caregivers’ phones so every visit is on time and successful.

Reduce travel time and reimbursements

Skedulo automatically finds the best route between appointments so your healthcare providers spend less time on the road and more time with patients.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Use caregivers’ time more efficiently to serve more patients while reducing costs from paperwork, missed visits, and manual errors.


What is Skedulo?

What is Skedulo?

Skedulo is the platform for intelligent mobile workforce management and complex scheduling. Our web and mobile apps help enterprises intelligently schedule, ...

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