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Henry Schein has partnered with Medpod, the first fully integrated augmented medicine platform. Medpod offers medical organizations and providers enhanced tools for greater reach and flexibility to help optimize the efficiency of patient care. Powered by an intelligent engine, which was built on the union of best practices, world-class partners, and actionable data, Medpod creates a cost-effective and fully reimbursable medical delivery system. Medpod’s modularity, mobility, cutting-edge equipment, and network now enable world-class medicine to be made available wherever and whenever needed. The result is a transformative patient-centric environment that delivers increased productivity and efficiency.

Features and Benefits

Audio/Video Language Translation services

From video only to telediagnostics, Medpod enable high-quality, remote physician-patient encounters on par with a face to face visit

Video Visits

Browser based paltform for easy virtual based consultations anywhere


Tele-diagnostics controlled by remote provider

Remote Patient Monitoring – RPM

THE USE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY TO MONITOR A PATIENT’S HEALTH REMOTELY. This enables improved care while reducing healthcare delivery costs. Consistent monitoring improves an individual’s quality of life by allowing their provider to monitor trends and provide early detection of health issues.

We empower you to take advantage of telemedicine

Medpod does not operate a physician network, we empower our customers to take advantage of telemedicine, not merely engage their patients with other providers

EHR Integration

Medpod allows for a bi-directional interface to PointClickCare

Device interoperability

Integration of data from clinical devices into PointClickCare in real-time reduces time needed for manual input

Load balancing

Patient/physician load balancing can decrease waiting times at high volume locations by utilizing physicians at low volume locations during their down time

New sources of revenue

Generate additional revenue by leveraging existing physician network to new settings of care

Episodic and Chronic

Couple RPM based chronic care with real time episodic care


Reduced re-admissions by providing care for high risk patients at home

Risk Sharing

Medicare Advantage capitated program reduces/eliminates provider penalties

Skilled Nursing re-admission

SNF - Reduced re-admissions by providing care for high risk patients at home

Skilled Nursing Medicare Advantage

SNF - Medicare Advantage capitated program reduces/eliminates provider penalties


MedPod : Understanding Our Telemedicine Solution

MedPod : Understanding Our Telemedicine Solution

Medpod is an award winning telemedicine platform. It comes in highly versatile configurations including a cloud based version without devices, and complete units deployed in a suitcase, stand alone cart, or a mobile facility.

Medpod Video Visits - Virtual Care

Medpod Video Visits - Virtual Care

-Prevent your staff and patients from exposure -Reduce the need personal protective equipment (ppe) -Provider faster care to more patients

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