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Family CareSpace‘s Family Portal is a secure web site for families and friends of residents/patients in communities that include the location of their loved one in real-time for peace of mind and more. The Portal addresses what families have identified as most important: To communicate with their loved one and know they are safe 24/7; To know care plans are being followed; Proactive communication regarding the status of their loved one to keep all on the same page. The portal increases resident census and significantly reduces lease up time. In a memory care community, it was cited by over 80% of families as a leading reason they selected that community. TRANSPARENCY + COMMUNICATION = PEACE OF MIND FOR ALL.

Features and Benefits


Using 24/7 real-time location, the Portal lets families know where in the community their loved one is. The portal can be configured to only show their loved one represented as a dot on the floor-plan, indicating where they are now and for how long at that location. The portal is easily configurable based on specific community requirements. Combining the power of PointClickCare with the real time location data stored in the cloud from the Family Portal, the community can deliver unparalleled and managed transparency to residents and their families as well as meaningful information for the community’s use. No other engagement vendor has this powerful capability that has been tested and refined over 5+ years in a memory care community setting. Proven benefits include more move-ins and longer stays. plus increase in community attraction for new staff and retention of existing staff.


Families want the community to let them know proactively when possible, what is happening with their loved one in the community. The secure portal give staff the ability to post the status of a loved one that can include text, videos, pictures, and audio. All approved users will automatically receive an email indicating new content available and direct them to login to the portal to see the post and post content themselves if they wish. The communication with those connected to the resident by a single post from the community will help build relationships between the Family and the community. This ease of posting to all greatly reduces the miscommunication that often occurs when so many people are involved. Benefit to communities and families is a better relationship to best handle the inevitable difficulties that arise; to reduce if not eliminate issues from escalating.


Special moments are meant to be shared: Example 1: Granddaughter is in a play in Maine. Grandma is in an assisted living community in Florida. Daughter can post a video clip of the performance to her mother on the secure portal. Mother receives notification new content is available to see on portal. Example 2: Son (who is the Family Admin for the Portal), tells marketing director that his mom use to love dancing, now he can’t get her to dance. Weeks later mom was dancing at an event & in the moment, a short video was created by the staff using the mobile CareProvider app & sent to the son. Son approves the video & an email is automatically sent to all the connections of the new content to view on the portal. Care staff & administration utilize the CareProvider mobile app for posting, handling alerts, and locating other staff, residents, and key assets. A Family CareSpace community can easily capture special moments for families. Content is owned by the family & managed by Family CareSpace.

During Times of Crisis

It’s easy for families to get information during a crisis using the Secure Family Portal. With the added feature of real time location of their loved one, families know exactly in the community where their loved one is. Families receive posts of pictures/videos/texts from the community. Especially important when families can’t visit. Since an unlimited number of family & friends can be on the portal, everyone can be on the same page & be connected despite not being able to visit.

Resident/Patient Experience

Whether it is keeping in contact with friends or knowing where a particular activity or event is happening, residents/patients love the convenience of having this information and so much more at their fingertips. They share photos/videos/text with friends, staff, or their families. Residents/patients could use the portal to sign up for activities/events/rides to doctors, choose their meals, give feedback on meals/activities/events, share concerns, give KUDOS to a caregiver/staff member, let housekeeping know of a spill/accident, & more. With the personal calendar, family members, staff, or the resident/patient can add events, appointments, etc. & resident/patient can receive reminders.

Families Want to be on the Same Page

With the Secure Family Portal, multiple family members and friends can be on the same page with their loved ones in a community/facility. A family administrator can grant password access to family and friends. Whether it is the sharing of good news, like a photo of mom gardening again when she hadn’t for years or not so good news, that she has to stay in her room under doctors orders until she recovers from her cold. All approved connections get the appropriate updates.

Generate Reports Designed to Help Executive Directors/Administration

Administration can easily find many answers to questions asked by family through quickly logging into the portal to find where the resident/patient is/has been, generate resident report to see who they were in contact with, which staff/residents/patients were in their suite/room and that the care plan was followed. With Automated Care Minute Tracking, it is easy to show families the care plan was followed or needs to be updated. When families can easily contact the Executive Director and the Executive Director can easily get the information back to the families, everyone is happy. Executive Directors are usually the ones that review posts created by staff and approve them so families can receive them.

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Family CareSpace Explainer video

Family CareSpace Explainer video

A Next Generation Software Platform for Senior Living Communities. We replace/integrate with existing E-Call and Nurse Call Systems, that in most cases have become very antiquated.

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