The first of its kind, FCS-SFP delivers the three things families have told us they need most; Their loved one is safe; Care plans are being followed; Family & community are kept up to date regarding status of the loved one. FCS-SFP delivers this and more to families using hand-held wireless devices or laptops/computers with mobile data/Wi-Fi, including: Knowing in real time, 24/7 where in the community/facility where their loved one is; Receiving updates from/asking questions of the community, efficiently allowing all family members to be kept informed; Community exchanging approved posts of photos/videos/text with the Family Administrator, who then approves to be posted to an approved Family and Friends. Content is owned by the family and managed by Family CareSpace. TRANSPARENCY + COMMUNICATION + CONNECTION = PEACE OF MIND.




Features and Benefits


Using 24/7 Real Time Location, the FCS-SFP lets families know where in the community/facility their loved one is. Allowing families to log in to see: Where loved one is when family arrives at community/facility; That loved one is not just sitting alone in their room; That loved one is making it to meals; What activities are being offered for the day; That the care plan is being followed, etc. Combing the power of PointClickCare with the real time location data of Family CareSpace, leadership can access the cloud to show families: The amount of care is being given to loved one; Which staff members entered loved one’s suite/room; How quickly loved one’s calls were answered.


Families want to know everything, good or bad, that is going on with their loved one. By simply logging into the FCS-AD powered with PointClickCare, administration can easily & efficiently keep family members & the community on the same page by updating all designated members of a resident’s/patient’s family at once. Keeping it secure & simple, the Family Administrator chooses which family members/friends receive which updates from the community & only designated family members/friends can ask questions regarding the resident/patient. If administrators desire to update all families at once, messages can be sent to all families or a post on the home page of the FCS-SFP can be made. This consistent, constant communication with families builds relationships.


Special moments are meant to be shared: SCENE 1: Granddaughter is in a play in Maine. Grandma is in an assisted living community in Florida. Daughter can send a video clip of the performance to her mother. SCENE 2: Son tells marketing director that his mom used to love dancing, now he can’t get her to dance. Weeks later, mom was dancing at an event & a video was captured by the community & sent to the son. He approves it & shares on the FCS-SFP. Care staff & administration utilize ioS devices in a FCS community/facility and can easily capture special moments for families. Head Administrator approves content before Family Administrator receives. Content is owned by the family & managed by FCS.

During Times of Crisis

The FCS-SFP makes it easy for families to get information during a crisis in the community. Plus with the added feature of real time location, families know exactly in the community/facility their loved one is. Families can share pictures/videos/texts with each other, when they can’t visit. Since an unlimited number of family & friends can be on the portal, everyone can be on the same page & feel connected.

Resident/Patient Experience

Whether it is keeping in contact with friends in the community, knowing what lunch is/where a particular activity/event is happening, residents/patients love the convenience of having every at their fingertips. They share photos/videos/text with friends in the community, staff in the community, or their families. Residents/patients can temporarily/permanently share their location with chosen friends in the community/facility, sign up for activities/events/rides to doctors, choose their meals, give feedback on meals/activities/events, share concerns, give KUDOS to a caregiver/staff member, let housekeeping know of a spill/accident, & more. With the personal calendar, family members, staff, or the resident/patient can add events, appointments, etc. & resident/patient can receive reminders.

Families Want to be on the Same Page

With the FCS-SFP, multiple family members and friends can be on the same page with their loved ones in a community/facility. A family administrator can decide which family and friends have access to the FCS-SFP & at what level of access. Like now, only approved family members are allowed to ask questions of the community. Whether it is the sharing of good news, like a photo of mom gardening again when she hadn’t for years or not so good news, that she had a fall, everyone gets the appropriate update. They can share in the moment, or check in with the community/facility or mom about the fall.

Executive Directors

When a family asks a question/addresses a concern utilizing the FCS-SFP, an Executive Director often can find the answer by quickly logging into the FCS-AD which is partnered with PointClickCare to easily find where the resident/patient is/has been, who they were in contact with, which staff/residents/patients were in their suite/room is, and that the care plan was followed. When families can easily contact the Executive Director and the Executive Director can easily get the information back to the families, everyone is happy. Because the Executive Director is usually the one only giving bad news out, often they are the ones to approve photos/videos/texts from the staff to the families.

Activity Directors

Through Family CareSpace’s Real Time Location, activity directors can get reports that show which resident/patient/staff attended an activity/event, when they arrived, & how long they stayed. Using ioS device, moments can be captured, sent to the Community Administrator for approval & then sent to the FCS-SFP to the Family Administrator. Utilizing the Resident Experience section of the FCS-SFP, residents/patients can sign up for activities/events/rides to doctor’s appointments & more. Residents/patients can fill out surveys on how the activities/events were & suggest future activities/events. Activity directors can also send activity/event reminders out to residents/patients, and because Family CareSpace utilizes Real Time Location, they can locate residents/patients who may be late to an activity/event.


Through the FCS-SFP families can make sure the dining managers know loved one’s allergies, likes, dislikes, & more. This data is then transferred to the Family CareSpace Administrative Dashboard, powered by PointClickCare. Through the Resident Experience section of the FCP-SFP, residents/patients can make their meal choices ahead of time. They can also share recipes, give feedback, make suggestions, or notify the dining manager that they will need a meal in their room, or will be away during meal time. Through Family CareSpace’s Real Time Location Platform, families can log in to the FCS-SFP, during meal times, to make sure loved one is there. Reports available for dining manager on which residents/patients were at each meal seating.


Through Family CareSpace’s Real Time Location Platform, housekeeping managers know where staff is, how long staff is there, & they can make sure proper infectious disease protocols are being followed. Through the FCS-SFP, families can send messages to the housekeeping manager requesting that their loved one’s room/suite be serviced. In the Resident Experience Section of the FCS-SFP, residents/patients can notify the housekeeping manager of a spill or a mess.