Hybrent is a cloud-based solution that helps non-acute healthcare facilities streamline supply chain, procurement and inventory control processes. Available for desktops, tablets and mobile devices, one portal offers shopping, order automation, approvals, order tracking & confirmations, e-receive, invoice matching, contract management, clinical integrations, reporting and more. Key features include charge capture, scanning technology, multi-level approval workflows, price comparisons and inventory management. Electronically receive and store supply orders, track products via barcoding, and control inventory counts across multiple sites from any location. Hybrent offers 3-way match functionality, which lets users automatically identify discrepancies in costs by matching electronic invoices with supplies. Hybrent is easy to use and provides its customers extensive training and excellent technical support.

Features and Benefits

Multi-Vendor Purchasing

Easily shop all your suppliers on one portal. With one-click ease, Hybrent allows you to create and send purchase orders directly to all vendors. Whether you choose to use your customized e-commerce website, prefer the simplicity of mobile ordering templates, or you are looking for a barcode based “scan to shop” experience, we deliver a best in class experience all around.

Mobile & Barcode Automation

Point-Click-Purchase! Our easy-to-use mobile application lets users scan barcodes, order and charge to residents, departments or GL codes from phones or tablets.

Charge Capture / Resident Billing

No dollar left behind! You can quickly decrease costs and increase revenues when you enable your staff with an easy to workflow for capturing resident supply charges. Using a simple mobile device, Parscan+ allows you to quickly assign item and service charges to your residents and/or departments. Products used are reduced from inventory and can be linked to par levels to automatically notify purchasing staff of the need to replenish. Cha-Ching!

Contract Management

Stay in compliance and on budget by incorporating vendor contracts within the Hybrent platform. User will only be allowed to order based on what is set up by your organization's administrators. You can even set reminders to review contracts before they renew or expire to make sure you continue to get the best pricing from suppliers.

Resident Billing Reports

Hybrent makes it easy to reconcile and pass supply charges directly to PCC so your billing department is always up to date.

Delivery Check-in

Manual packing slip checking is a thing of the past. Easily check-in products to close out PO’s and automatically increase inventory levels through Hybrent's e-receive feature.

Inventory Management

Hybrent offers integrated inventory management to make tracking supplies as easy as possible. Manage your par levels, cycle counts, lot tracking, stock transfers, and more within the platform itself.

Electronic Invoice Collection

Hybrent offers a completely digital workflow to collect all vendor invoices to create a paperless workflow from order through invoicing.

Invoice Matching

Leveraging Hybrent's digital 3-way match process, every invoice is automatically scrubbed by the software in order to ensure you are only paying for items you received and at the price you expected to pay. GL codes are applied so that approved invoices can be passed to accounting – all without anyone touching a piece of paper.


Hybrent offers a wide variety of reports that offer your organization actionable information that lets you make better business decisions, reduce waste and increase revenue.

PointClickCare Integration

As patient and resident data is created or updated in PointClickCare, Hybrent records are automatically synced and updated. Patient Charges generated in Hybrent are passed on demand to PointClickCare using a pre-built template ensure you have all the required fields to successful submit and defend charges.

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