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HybridChart is a comprehensive Rounding and Charge Capture Solution designed for medical practices of any specialty and any size. Manage your census, assign diagnoses and submit charges directly to your billers. Includes Secure Messaging, Discharge Management and robust Data Collection. Seamlessly integrated with PointClickCare, patients will be added to your rounding list automatically. Submit charges in under 3 seconds, which go directly to your billers with all demographic information.This contactless solution eliminates the need for facility staff to print facesheets, promoting a paperless environment for providers and billers. Integrates with your billing software. A highly-customizable, cloud-based solution, HybridChart will adapt to your workflow and make your productivity skyrocket. Unite your team, facilitate hand-offs, and collect data for reporting - all in one easy-to-use app.

Features and Benefits

Collaboration / Census Management

Having a centralized, cloud-based census allows practices to organize across multiple facilities. It is also imperative that anyone in the practice – from schedulers to front-office staff to providers – have the ability to update the census in real time. Your census is organized into hospitals, with the ability to view and edit location. Assign responsible providers with ease. No more faxing lists back and forth.

Charge Capture

Missed charges mean lost revenue – for the work you have already done.  Our charge capture software is seamlessly incorporated into your hospital rounding, ensuring accuracy, saving you time, and making sure you get reimbursed. This intuitive solution makes life easy for you. Add diagnoses with a variety of options. SNOMED and direct ICD-10 searches are augmented by custom favorite lists, smart features that learn users’ most commonly used codes, and the option to pull diagnoses via EHR integration. Charge screens are customized specifically for your practice, and offer two options for detailed and quick billing to conform easily to your existing workflow.

Secure Messaging

With HybridChart, all messages are placed in the patient’s chart so that you can view the entire thread of conversations about that particular patient. Make sure all of your communication meets the federal privacy standards. Our secure and encrypted network handles all of your messages with complete security. Rest assured that you are not putting patient information at risk. Our solution is based around the patient, not private conversations between users without context. Each patient has their own dedicated chatroom so that everyone in your practice can communicate knowing to which patient they are referring.

Discharge Planning

Our Workflow Efficiency Software takes discharge planning to a new level. Easily arrange disposition at the point of care, which may, in return, reduce readmission rates. Closing the gap between different levels of care is good for your patients and good for you. Our solution gives you the power to direct follow-up for patients in just seconds. Schedulers and support staff have full visibility of patient needs. Testing and specific clinical pathways can be assigned early on so that patients receive better care.

Data Collection & Reporting

HybridChart’s medical data analytics platform is cutting-edge. Our automated data collection feature gives you the flexibility to easily capture clinical and non-clinical customized information. Real-time reporting gives you the power to stay ahead of the ever-changing healthcare landscape. The Data-Mining section allows you to report on the customized data you collected. With our Flags and Metric tools, you determine which data is important to you – generating smart data. Put the power of data collection in your own hands and don’t let third parties determine your reimbursement.


HybridChart integrates with most modern electronic health and practice management systems. Using state-of-the-art connectivity methods, information can flow securely from PointClickCare to HybridChart to billing software.

Automation Tools

Active Census Placement (ACP) is a powerful automation feature which places patients on your census automatically as they are admitted to the facility. Admitted patients are not only instantly searchable, but our cutting-edge solution will automatically add patients to your census list. All of the important patient information including date of birth, MRN – even floor and room number – appear instantly. That’s right, no more typing. When patients are discharged, ACP will mark that patient for discharge in real time, so you have complete visibility. Your workflow just became even easier. ACP gives you all of the benefits of  collaboration and charge capture efficiencies of the HybridChart solution, without the hassle of manual data entry.


HybridChart Corporate Video

HybridChart Corporate Video

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HybridChart Rounding Video

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HybridChart App Store Video

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